4 Tactics Retailers Can Use To Encourage Impulse Buying


Encouraging consumers to do impulse buying has proven to be a great sales-booster. This is applied to both online and offline retail stores or supermarkets. A lot of people have a subtle habit of buying various products impulsively. Subtle because most of them do not realise that they bought an item without giving much thought to it. With a lot of buyers moving to online modes of shopping, there seem a lot of opportunities to call in impulse buying. However, being a retailer, you need to carefully choose and pick the items to grab the attention of the consumers so that they ditch the idea of impulse saving once in a while. 


Let us look at the 4 possible tactics that retailers can use to encourage impulse buying. 

  • Put up impulse products near checkout 

The first one on our list is to thoughtfully put up the impulse products near the checkout. You can place various types of cheap or frequently-used items at the point of sale. Since customers are waiting at the billing counter, chances are that they may pick a bar of chocolate or a body wash that just caught their attention. You must note that customers will not buy expensive products in this manner. Thus, make sure that impulse products are of cheap rates. 


  • Choose impulse products wisely 

Impulse products should be such that they are small, inexpensive, and items that can be readily used. Customers may not be looking for such products but they will buy only because it is not very expensive. Impulse buys can often land customers getting products that they probably needed but did not plan to buy. These can be candies, chocolates, socks, perfumes, dishwashers, etc. You can also checkout the Best Actor In India.


  • Use the FOMO method 

Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO is a feeling that buyers may feel if they miss out on trying a product. This makes them feel that while other people will be having a good and rewarding experience, they might be left out. This method can be used by retailers by placing time limits on discounts or offers. This works as an alarm and hence the buyers will do impulse buying. 


  • Display impulse products beside high-demand items

This is another effective method to encourage buyers to impulse buying. You can place a separate stand with impulse products beside high-demand items to gain the attention of a lot of customers. This eventually gives them a visual break and develops an urge to buy. Again, you will have to place lower-priced items so that people choose to buy them. 

Say, for instance, you can place dishwashers near the utensils counter to make the customers feel the need to buy them. Moreover, wisely placing the items will make them feel that if they bought an expensive and useful item, they can further spend a few more pennies or complimentary items.


Hence, it is important to use the right and practical tactics to encourage impulse buyers at your store.


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