Some Easy Ways To Restore Quickbooks Errors H505, H101, H303 & H202


Applications and software usually work fine but sometimes we might face some small errors of bugs caused by a missing or wrong line of code somewhere here and there. These errors can be solved quite easily. QuickBooks is accounting software that works like magic. But sometimes there can be some errors. Here are some ways to restore QuickBooks errors that are most common. 

The most common QuickBooks errors are:

  • H202
  • H303
  • H101
  • H505 

These are most commonly faced when you try to access the company report section through the multi-person mode. 

QuickBooks Error H202

  • This error usually occurs when you try to reach or access some company record that is stored on some other gadget and QuickBooks has difficulty in finding it on the servers of that specific system.
  • It also happens when QuickBooks installed on a specific gadget cannot communicate with the main server.

QuickBooks Error H505, H303, and H101

  • When you’re trying to access or work with your company documents that are located on a different system, and your systems calls for another setup and installation system.

Why Do these errors occur? 

The main system tries to connect with the company files but fails to communicate with the main server. For more information on this subject, you can visit: These errors happen due to many reasons, some of them being:

  • Wrong Web hosting configuration 
  • The Database server manager of QuickBooks fails to locate the IP address of the primary host machine or trying to use a specific IP address 
  • Incorrect DNS settings.
  • Sub-Programs like QuickBooksQBCF/DBXX don’t start.

Some ways to restore QuickBooks errors H505, H101, H303 &H202

Error codes can easily be solved through multiple methods. Some of these methods and strategies are listed below.


  • QuickBooks document physician can help you out


First Download the QuickBooks document physician and then run it on the main server. When you download and it starts working, it cleans all H-errors, mistakes, and distinctive multi-person mode errors. On the off chance that the error, in any case, continues for your machine. Follow the steps that are alluded to underneath.


  • Access the network ports on QuickBooks and set Firewall configuration.


You have to uninstall the AVG program so you can direct the windows defender which is preinstalled in windows eight home release. For additional questions, contact the AVG supplier customer care. If you want to keep the AVG program, carry out the given steps on every framework:


  • Investigate and set up a reference the windows Firewall Configuration Settings 


  • Click on outbound rules and select new guidelines
  • Select Ports and then select next. 
  • Choose TCP in the local ports section. 
  • Choose next and then click on allow the connection
  • Select next to enter a call inside the subject (i.E. “QuickBooks ports”) and then click on finish. 
  • Rehash the above-referred to steps for Inbound arrangements too.
  • Finally, run QuickBooks in the Multi-client Mode.

4)You have to highlight Server into the home windows Host report. 

Alter the windows hosting record. 


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