Questions That Every Pregnant Woman Should Ask Their Gynecologist


If you have gotten pregnant recently, it’s understandable that you have loads of questions. After all, you don’t want to take a single wrong step at such a crucial stage of your life. So, here’s outlining a couple of questions that you should definitely ask your dr online during your next appointment.

What changes should be incorporated in my daily diet?

Through pregnancy, you need to have different kinds of food, such as unsaturated fats, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats. Many women are also prescribed some prenatal vitamins. Your doctor will be able to guide you about your particular dietary recommendations.

What kind of food should I stay away from?

The aim is to mitigate the risks of foodborne illness at this stage. So, you need to have only poultry, eggs, fish, and meat that is completely cooked. Make sure you don’t have unpasteurized dairy goods.

Also, steer clear of soft cheeses like feta or brie. Rinse fresh veggies and fruits completely by keeping them under running water for at least thirty seconds. Raw sprouts are also not advised during pregnancy. Shelf-stable or canned smoked seafood is okay, but refrigerated smoked ones are to be avoided.

How much weight gain is normal as per the best gynecologist in Pune?

The range of healthy weight gain is based on the pre-pregnancy BMI. You need to talk to your doctor regarding the establishment of healthy goals for weight gain.

How much exercise is okay according to a dr online?

Regular exercising is advisable because it prevents or reduces back pain, mitigates the risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, and prevents additional weight gain. But, during pregnancy, you need to avoid all such activities that have a higher risk of abdominal trauma or falling. Things like scuba diving or any exercise at higher altitudes is a strict no-no.

Does the best gynecologist in Pune advise against traveling?

It is okay for pregnant women to drive during this period but obviously, wearing a seatbelt is a must. Women can also fly until really late in the pregnancy. In fact, most airlines let them fly until 37 weeks of gestation. However, you need to talk to a doctor regarding the safety measures you must take while traveling.

Can I keep working all through my pregnancy?

You will need to make some adjustments to the work style. Generally, women can keep working all through their pregnancy, though a lot depends on the nature of the job. Your doctor will guide you on ways to remain comfortable and safe at work.

 Can I keep taking my current medicines?

You might need to switch, adjust, or stop your current medicines. A couple of drugs have the approval of being safe at the time of pregnancy. However, many medicines come with enough safety records to assure that they do not induce adverse outcomes or birth defects if taken as per directions. There are medicines that you can have later in your pregnancy but not during your first trimester.

It’s important to understand how severe the symptoms can be and the possible risk factors for the baby. Let your doctor give you enough information regarding certain drugs, if they are over-the-counter or prescription.

When should I schedule my next doctor’s appointment?

For your pregnancy to remain uncomplicated, you need to plan to see the doctor every 4 weeks for the first 28 weeks. You can see them every 2 weeks right between 28 – 36 weeks, and every week from 36 weeks to your delivery.

Your doctor might schedule your appointments more frequently if it’s a high-risk pregnancy. You should ask your doctor about your prenatal care during the first appointment.

What prenatal testing or screening should I go through?

Based on different factors like your medical history, ethnic background, and age, your doctor might recommend a few prenatal tests. Now, you can decide whether you want to go for prenatal tests or not, and there is no correct path to it. Your doctor can only help you make informed decisions about the steps that are right.

Are prenatal classes necessary?

You might want to go for a prenatal class to prepare for your delivery. There are various options available for delivery. Thus, it’s important to select a class to fit your specific needs. Doctors usually don’t discourage such classes.

You must have so many other questions in mind, along with the ones mentioned here. Do not hesitate and ask your doctor about all your doubts and queries.


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