Questions & Answers About Hiring Wedding Photography in Noida During Lockdown

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During this coronavirus, celebrating any event as been restricted. However, the government has permitted a wedding with limited guests. While the wedding can ceremony can be held, the organizers or the hosts must ensure that there are only 50 guests at max. They must also make sure their guests maintain proper social distancing at all times. Regarding wedding photography in Noida during the lockdown, here are some relevant questions and answers you should know to hire the best wedding photographer.

Ques: Why choose a wedding photography company?

Ans: A photography company has a team of highly talented and professional photographers. The team may come with over 100s of event experiences. The company has expertise in a slick and efficient photography process. So, photographers can provide you with high-quality photography at a reasonable price. 

Ques: What does the company offer?

Ans: A good company can provide you with amazing videos synced with music by its experienced cinematographers and editors. They are expert in:

  • Processing of photos like cropping, contrast, color correction, temperature, and exposure adjustment
  • Processing of videos such as synchronization of music, Contrast,  Color Grading, Exposure adjustment  and  Temperature setting
  • Online space for photos Apps, Albums and Digital album

Ques: What happens after I book a photographer for my wedding?

Ans. Once you book service at a  company, the service provider may match your requirements with the best possible photographer from its team. This is done based on your city, photography, requirements. Then, the company will send you a quotation within 2 working days

Ques: When & where and how will I get my photos?

Ans: Once the photography is done at your wedding, the company edits photos and videos by adjusting cropping, contrast, temperature, etc. You will be provided with an online link to your wedding photographs. Besides, the company can also provide you with photos and videos in DVD or pen drive. 

Ques: Am I able to download or order prints?

Ans: Yes, you can. Many photography service providers in Noida let their customers download their photos after the payment is done. Till then, you can only see the photos in view-only mode. Depending on your requirements, the company can offer high-quality prints, albums. 

Ques: What is the cancellation policy?

Ans: The cancellation policy of different companies vary. Generally, a company can allow you to your booking 30 days or more prior to the event date by refunding 100% amount. It is advisable to read the refund policy of the company before booking your order. 

Ques: Does the company offer service during this lockdown period due to COVID-19?

Ans: Yes, many reputable wedding photography service companies in Noida have started providing their services during this period. The best thing is that they follow proper guidelines issued by the government and the local authorities. So, it’s always good to hire a photographer from a reputable company. 

Ques: What are the most common terms?

Ans: There are several terms and conditions you must know before choosing a company. The most common terms have been given below:

  • You will need to bear the expenses of staying, food  
  • Many companies are not ready to share with clients images or videos 
  • Generally, the company considers 4 hours a half-day and 8 hours full-day. If the time extends, they charge extra from clients.
  • They accept any request for change of date, etc. in writing. 

These are the 8 questions and answers you must know when hiring wedding photography service in India during the lockdown period due to the spread of coronavirus. Make sure, you stick the guidelines issued by the local authority.


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