Protect your Android Screens with these Simple Steps!

clean Android Screens

No matter how sturdy your phones are, they eventually get damaged. Though we have the warranty that comes with these phones in real, tech products can get damaged irreversibly any time. Although these are built such a way that they can resist scratches and are sturdy enough to beat standard wear, we never know. These are as susceptible to damage as anything. If you own an Android phone or tablet and wish to protect your android screen, here are some tips That you can follow.

1. Mind the medium of touch

This is probably the most important point when taking care of the screen. Using the right medium to manipulate your screen is very important for its well-being. You can only use your fingers and stylus. Although there are some devices that allow the use of pencils, Not all screens support pencils. Most of the touch screens are very delicate and it is always suggested that you do not subject them to other media in order for the screen to run for a long time.

2. Get rid of the ‘old tap’

In previous times there were some misconceptions about phones. people used to tap the phone unnecessarily if it stopped working. This method doesn’t work now. The gadgets are delicate now and need to be handled with care. you do not have to tap the phone if it stops working. Android screens that are created now have different requirements. if your phone stops working or the screen doesn’t work you should consult a cell phone repair specialist instead of being the repairer yourself.

3. Avoid excess sunlight

Severe weather be it summer or winter is always bad for your smart devices. It is always said that excessive sunlight might not burn the screen but will always harm it. You should always try to not expose your phones to sunlight. It is bad for the sensitivity of the screen. You might notice a significant change in the performance of your phone when you expose it to the sunlight for a long time. That is why it is said to avoid direct exposure.

4. Keep phones away from electrically charged objects

you might have heard of cases of screen disruption near a television or a computer. This is because of the sudden flow of electricity between 2 devices. This sudden flow can disrupt operations and create a sudden upsurge in electrostatic charge. This sudden upsurge is detrimental for the Android screen and is often Responsible for turning the screens black. That is why it is always advised by the phone manufacturers and repair experts do not place your phones near electrically charged objects.

5. Steady operation

This tip is not very common. It is said that you should not leave your phone idle for long periods of time. You might have heard of internal burn-in. It happens when the screen is not subjected to any use for a long time. A lock screen timeout serves as a blessing in disguise and protects your Android screens from this burn-in. Do not keep your phones locked in drawers as it will serve you no good. Use them once you have bought them.

6. Clean them carefully

Not everything you use in your house for cleaning purposes can be used to clean your Android screens. Some people use soap solutions to clean their screens. Most of the screens are not compatible with these solutions and require a special solution. There are custom-built solutions for smartphone screens that only serve this purpose. You can use this solution along with a cleaning cloth to get the best results.

7. Screen protectors

Screen protectors are a must for the protection of Android screens. There are different types of protectors and one must choose what is best. Right after buying your new device you should spend a fraction of cost on your protector to save your screen from any future accidents. Any glass protector will serve you the purpose, but tempered glass protectors are considered the best to resist any damage.

8. Phone covers

Protecting your phone with a good cover is very important. There are some amazing shock-resistant covers that can protect your phone if you drop it accidentally. They offer super protection to your Android screens

Do not waste your time thinking about all these things and follow these steps today. You do not want to lose your Android screen to an accident.


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