Pros And Cons Of Regular Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds


At first glance, you may not differentiate between the regular seeds and the modernised feminised seeds as they look identical from the outside. Still, in their genome, they have a huge difference. The feminised seeds only contain female chromosomes, whereas the regular seeds come from crossing the male and the female plants. 

The main difference between the California seeds and the regular seeds is that the traditional seed can come out to be female, male, or even hermaphroditic. In contrast, the feminised seeds only produce female specimens. 

When you start growing cannabis yourself, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind as a grower. The main factor that you need to determine is the type of seed you want to produce. Here we will only talk about the feminised seeds and the regular seeds and look at the various pros and cons. 


Are The Feminized Seeds Better Than The Regular Ones?

 The term better is comparative. For growers looking for a practical and straightforward option, the feminised seeds are best suited to allow a faster germination process. For the regular seeds, you require twice as many plants for germination so that when you remove the male plants, there are enough female plants to fill the space. 

The feminised varieties help you make better use of the growing space and save significant fertilisers and insecticides. It also removes the consequences you may face if you forget to remove the male plants. 

Some growers feel that the regular seeds have more hybrid vigour since the California seeds use self-pollination for cultivation, leading them to lose energy due to inbreeding. Still, in some cases, the same problem persists for the regular seeds as well. 

Some farmers feel The regular strains are better for creating seeds, whereas feminised strains are not suitable for breeding. Still, it is not valid if the plant is sexually pure, then it doesn’t matter whether the plant comes from regular seeds or feminised seeds. 

Feminised Seeds


  • They come from two primary elite clones in most the cases
  • It is helpful to germinate seeds that you specifically need. 
  • It saves a lot of time, resources and hard work.
  • Sexing is not required, which makes it easier for new growers to cultivate them.


  • These are not the appropriate choice if you want to produce seeds as they don’t allow male plants’ development.


Regular Seeds


  • Their genetics are pure as they are the originals
  • These contain both male and female genes, which makes it easier to create new seeds
  • They don’t require the intervention of chemical agents for the production
  • These are more effective. 



  • The regular seeds don’t allow any control over the sex of the plants that leads to limited yield. So in most cases, you will need to get rid of half of the plants you use your resources to care for in the seeding period.

Conclusively there are several pros and cons related to the feminised and regular seeds. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the required type of seed depending on your requirement.


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