Primary Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification


ISO Certificate

Compliance with iso 27001 certification shows the world that your business is up to speed with the latest security standards. It can actually spell the difference between bagging or losing an important client. After all, if your company is not certified, your customers will likely go to your competitors who proudly have this certification, proving they have the best-practices when it comes to information security. Remember, in this digital world, you must show everyone that they can trust you with their personal data. Hence, you need to beef up your privacy management and information security measures. This compliance certification assures that your company has identified risks and placed preventive measures. Consider the following benefits of getting this certification for your company:


Secure New Leads While Retaining Old Clients 


By showing people that you value your company’s information security management system, you can build a good reputation and attain their trust. Companies that are prone to cybersecurity breaches lose customers because no one wants to put their personal data at risk. If clients suspect you mishandle their vital information, they will take their business elsewhere. Thus, it would be best to protect your business by beefing up your IT infrastructure and security practices. With a compliance certification, you demonstrate to everyone that you practice and set up the best security protocols. This goes a long way in converting leads to become new clients. At the same time, it also inspires your old clients to stay loyal to your business.


Prevent Damaged Reputation and Steep Fines


In certain industries, companies that do not comply with security measures must face steep fines of up to 4% of profits for data offences. Additionally, when the data breaches become so big, they get published and make the news headlines. This unpalatable public report can damage a company’s reputation as clients pull out for fear that their personal data is compromised. Apart from paying an expensive fee, the biggest downside of non-compliance is making your business less attractive in the eyes of your most precious customers. This situation will adversely impact your company’s profit margins for the long haul. Thus, it is indeed better to strengthen your information security to avoid these issues.


Assures Better Operational Strategies and Processes


Receiving an iso 27001 certification will improve how your company is perceived by your customers, suppliers, and other industry partners. Moreover, it will benefit your company’s internal structures and systems. This certification can significantly boost your daily company operational procedures and processes. It provides you with a clear framework from managing potential malware to providing information backup in case of an attack. Moreover, you develop clearer guidelines, policies, and documentation systems. Hence, your team can perform their functions and help you in ensuring your company is free from any cyber attack.


Minimize Costly Downtime


Certification assures that your company is aware of all the risks and have evaluated them. Most of all, it attests that your system is ready to face a potential threat as you have already enforced strict policies to reduce your vulnerabilities. You may have already done the following examples:

  • Updated the system
  • Enforced anti-virus protection
  • Enhanced data storage and backup
  • Put up protocols for event logging
  • Trained staff to use safe internet browsing
  • Implement strong passwords


Remember, cyber threats and attacks will always persist. But with proper planning and certification, you can minimize downtime and assure business continuity. In case of a breach, you can minimize the costs because you have systems in place to address the problems.


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