Pre Roll Package Customization Gives Your CBD Brand An Identity


Owing to its numerous benefits revealed by researches in the recent past, CBD has captured the attention of people related to the medicine industry. In addition to its properties, the user-friendly packaging of CBD products adds to build its rapport as a brand.  Before elucidation of CBD oil packaging and its effects on brand identity, let’s get to know a little detail about CBD’S and its uses.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most common cannabinoid present in hemp plants. The primary source of naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) is the plant Cannabis sativa L. When these plants contain more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by weight, they are often referred to as marijuana plants. CBD is available as Vapes, tinctures, creams, oil as well as in edible form.

Uses of CBD

According to researches stated in the patient’s guide to CBD’S, CBD is said to be useful to treat epilepsy and seizure disorders, anxiety, inflammation, to enhance immunity, treat psoriasis, relieve muscle spasms, as a pain killer and as antipsychotic.

CBD Packaging and Brand Identity

After being declared legal and due to its enormous health benefits, the CBD market has started to boom and many brands are striving to attract as many buyers as they can. For that matter, pre-roll package customization can surely give an edge to establish a brand identity. Appropriate and user-friendly packaging with labeling can make a deal for any brand much easier.

Factors Affecting CBD Branding

As the CBD commercial availability to masses has been approved by governments in the recent past. Moreover, the researchers have proved the multiple health benefits and cure to diseases are achievable using CBD products. It is highly desirable to convey all these positive points about the product to potential buyers about the once-banned CBD. To make your brand stand out of competitors, it is recommended that consider these aspects while designing the pre roll packaging of your product.

Target your marketing with a solid business plan, marketing strategy, and ample advertising campaigns, the visual schemes used for production are effective tools to engage with people who are potential buyers of the product.

  • Creating positive vibes about CBD

As the once` banned recreational drug ‘has many health benefits and is an authorized drug now. So, your brand packaging should be designed in a way to normalize the image of the product for consumers.

  • Use brand values to combat negative images

To successfully brand your CBD product, breaking stereotypes is crucial. Use your professional ethics with effective narratives to negate any skepticism about the product.

Pre-Roll Packaging and Its Customization

There is no denial of the fact that a CBD’S brand with an eye-catching and synchronous theme with product lines can play a pivotal role in establishing brand identification.

Among many packaging options available for CBD, pre-roll packaging can make the product stand out of crowd due to its ease of use and portability.

Different parts of pre-roll packaging can be modified with product logo, color themes, and best-suited material for product ingredients and consumers, to make the CBD brand a success.

Parts of Pre-Roll Packaging

  • Paper Types

3 Types of paper are used in Pre-roll packaging.

  1. Ultra-Fine French paper
  2. Hemp wrap cones
  3. Palm leaf cones
  • Filter tip

Filter options for pre-roll packaging are

  1. Spiral tips
  2. Bio cooling tips
  3. Glass and wood tips
  • Closure type

To ensure that the packaging is child safe and has a lock is done by choosing a closure lock.

  • Sizes

The packaging Is customized based on different filter sizes, cone dimensions, and product containing capacity. Standard filter tips are 26mm long whereas the length of the cone can vary between 56mm to 280mm.

For CBD pre-roll package customization to make the product a popular brand, use these tips while designing process.

CBD Logo

Make the best use of the latest graphic designing tools and skills to give your brand the most attractive and eye-catchy face. A logo is the face of any brand, pay much attention, and effort to design it.

Color Theme

Once you are done with deciding pre-roll material, filter tips, closure options, and logo design then come to the step of deciding the packaging color themes. Based on your CBD product’s ingredients, potency, and targeted audience, choose a theme that compliments all these factors.

For instance, if your CBD product is focusing on lifestyle, you might choose bright and vibrant colors. For organic products use green color as it depicts eco-friendly products. To attract consumers for medicine purposes, packaging can be done in white and blue to build trust.


The fonts and typography used in CBD pre-roll packages should be used in a way to portray all details and benefits of the product vividly.

In addition to the multiple benefits of CBD’S itself, the packaging of pre-roll CBD products can make a difference to this once notorious recreational drug. To make people more accessible and comfortable with its use, the need to make CBD pre-roll packaging affable, eye-catchy, and trustworthy is inevitable. Effective pre-roll packaging with the best customization can be a game-changer for the branding of CBD’S products.


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