8 Benefits of PMI Membership for PMP Certification Exam

PMP Certification Exam

In the project management profession, the Project Management Institute (PMI), based in the USA, is among the leading worldwide associations.

The fundamental aim of PMI is to significantly increase the number of professionals, their practice, and science throughout the globe in a systematic way for organizations to value and use project management.

The membership cost of the Project management institute (PMI) is $129 per annum.

It reduces the PMP certification cost to a great extent. It’s a topic of confusion for individuals as to whether it is worth the price since many people are not aware of the benefits that PMI participation offers. Below are some of the critical points which will showcase the benefits of PMI membership.

Benefits of PMI membership

It saves your Exam cost

This is the most special benefit which doesn’t leave any second thoughts in getting the membership.

The cost of PMI membership, together with the PMP exam cost as a member, is less than the PMP exam’s value as a non-PMI member. This indicates that the candidates have nothing to lose in getting the PMI membership, but only gain.

PMI membership plus PMP exam fees for members cost about $544, whereas the PMP exam cost for non-PMI members is $555.

Free access to PMP Specific Interest Groups (SIGS)

After becoming a PMI member, you will get free access to Project Management professional SIGs, and you can join them based on your interest and expertise. The benefit of SIG is that they conduct web-based seminars for their members from which you can earn PDU’s for the PMP recertification.

Get all PMI standards to copy for free.

A PMI member is entitled to free copies of all PMI published standards. You can download a PDF file copy from the PMI Global standards library. Another very beneficial point is that members can get a free copy of the PMBOK® fifth edition guide, which costs about$40. The standards include Foundational standards, practice standards, and framework and PMI standard extension.

Local project management (PM) community Benefits

As a PMI member, you can sign up and log in to your local PMI training chapter, which will offer you an enormous scope to learn from experts. These local chapters also conduct exam preparation for PMP training workshops, and they often offer discounts on these workshops.

Access to Books on Project Management

PMI members get free access to online project management books in more than 200 books from Books24x7. The books will be really of great use for your PMP certification training and exam preparation. Some links to resources on Books24x7 are available on their website.

Discount for Software, Books and other materials

PMI membership will provide you with discounts on all of their published books, research papers, software, articles, and other materials. Along with these, you will be provided with discounts on research conferences, virtual seminars, PMI’s global congresses, etc. that will help you earn PDU’s.

Career Headquarters and Career Central

A PMI member gets access to a great bunch of resources for career growth under career headquarters and career central of PMI certification, which will help you by guiding to build your resume, learn new skills, and update you with the present market conditions.


The networking benefits are very significant. A PMI member can connect with professionals in chapter meetings of PMI or through practice communities. Connections with such professionals will provide you with an immense opportunity to learn, prepare for your PMP certification online exam, or to find a good job.

Final Thoughts

If you are a PMP certification aspirant, then PMI membership is worth for you are irrespective of whether you are a PMP certificate holder or not, since you have nothing to lose from getting the membership. It’s an excellent value for your money, and the PMI membership will keep you involved and indulged in your goal of getting the certification.

Also, you will get a chance to communicate with many PMP certified professionals, and you can solve your queries and ask them valuable tips for the exams. It will provide you with networking and interaction, which will be crucial for your career growth.


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