Plastic Tubing: Most Serviceable Plastic Product


Plastic tube is tubing created from plastic compounds for use in fluid flow or structural systems or as insulation or sheathing for electrical or heating assemblies. They have a multitude of applications, but in general, they’re used for piping and hose purposes, such as transferring substances from one point to another. Plastic tubing is useful in many different industries, including aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, mechanics, gas and oil, healthcare and medicine, agriculture and water management.

The known benefits of using Plastic tubing across various sectors are;

  • In aerospace engineering, plastic tubing is used to transfer fuel, hydraulics and other fluids. 
  • It has similar applications in automotive and mechanical device applications. 
  • In oil and gas, plastic tubing transports fuels of all kinds, including petroleum, natural gas, butane and gasoline.
  • In healthcare, plastic tubing is used for blood transfusions, intravenous drug delivery, catheterization and much more. 
  • In agriculture, plastic tubing transfers bulk solids and fluids on farms. 
  • In water management, plastic tubing is essential for water treatment, irrigation, drainage, and plumbing.

Many people think that plastic tubing is not suitable for industrial usage because they cannot bear great pressure and heat of industrial applications. But in reality, plastic tubing is available with rough resin, which is known as polysulfone and they can easily withstand extreme temperature and pressure. Apart from that, they are not corrosive materials and they are completely chemical-resistant. 

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Tubing?

  • If you use some tubes for transfer corrosive materials or substances then you must choose some tubes which are treated to withstand the constant pressure of the same. In the case of plastic tubing, you do not need to worry about corrosion because plastic tubes are corrosion-resistant and they are suitable for chemical compositions. They are more functional, and they can save your cost for extra corrosive treatment. 
  • Indeed, plastic tubes cannot beat stainless steel tubes in the term of durability. But, if you compare their cost then you can find that plastic tubes are less costly than stainless steel tubes. Plus, you can easily cut and resize the plastic tubes according to your needs. They can provide the utmost durability and flexibility. 
  • The durability of plastic tubing depends on its thickness and resin blend. If you use plastic tubes within a moving part or use the same for transferring water and lubricants then they will get bumped and crimped over time. Even, you can face a similar issue in the stainless tubes. But, stainless steel tubes can get damaged within a short period, and if you choose plastic tubing with greater thickness then you can use it for a longer period due to its tensile strength. 
  • You cannot use stainless steel tubes in all sectors. Plastic tubing is versatile and you can use them in intricate machines. Even, you can use plastic tubes for medical equipment. Plastic tubes are also used in electronic gadgets, and they have great insulation properties. You can find such tubes in computers, mobile phones, and GPS systems. Some sensitive medical devices like, EKG sensors and medical pumps are designed with plastic tubes. 
  • Plastic tubes have cost-effective and customizable. You can easily find them in your nearest hardware stores. But, if you want to use such plastic tubes for your industrial applications then you must choose some durable tubes and you need to contact the best plastic tubes manufacturer. In this regard, you can search such manufacturers or dealers online and choose the best one after checking their products. 

How Would You Save Your Cost by Choosing Plastic Tubing?

Plastic tubes can save you energy consumption cost. In the case of PVC or PE pipes, you need to add an extra zinc layer to galvanize the tubes. Apart from that, energy-intensive cement lining is needed around the iron pipes to increase their resistance power. You do not need to spend such extra cost for plastic tubing and these tubes can save your energy cost. 

Do you know that more than 30% of the water pipes are leak-prone? PVC and PE pipes can easily get affected by corrosion and you need to replace them frequently. In this case, you can choose plastic tubes to save your cost because they are less affected by ground movements and they can easily bear heavy traffic loads. They are corrosion-resistant and less vulnerable to leaks. 

So now you can search for plastic tubes online and check their grades before you choose. You must choose the plastic tubes according to your applications and you can contact the dealers in this regard. 


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