Pick the BEST: Jaase Clothing and other Australian Clothing Brands


Australia clothing brand

On any occasion, the event starts with the presence of people. The mood of that event is determined by the attire of the people invited. It becomes essential to dress accordingly regardless of men, women, and children. But when it comes to women’s clothing brands in Australia, there is a myriad of options to try.


When searching for apparel designed by women designers, women out there, would not be biased as they tend to better understand the needs and necessities of women across the continent. With that said, Jaase Clothing meets this reference as it was co-founded by a duo of a mother and her daughters. Their appreciation of the sustainable, rare, distinctive designs and patterns on fabric tagged them to be lovers of Bohemian culture.


What is the Difference?


Jaase clothing is meant exclusively for women. While the other Australian brands cater to the needs of apparel for almost all types of people belonging to different age groups, Jaase has a vast collection of women’s apparel ranging from skirts, tops, jackets, pants, maxis, etc. along with leather bags (clutches and wallets), homewares, swimsuits, etc. They claim them to be handmade, adding a humane touch to these products. That is a challenge to the post – covid situation. The sustainable, bohemian, typified designs and loose-fitting clothes that hug the curves of a lady is what sets Jaase apart from other brands.


Which are the Other Brands?


It would not be justified to mention all the Australian clothing brands in a go as there are numerous. To narrow and chisel down the list, let us look into some similar brands that meet the clothing aspirations of women challenging the boho style of Jaase. These, similar to Jaase clothing, compete in summer fashion apparel in Australia.


Arnhem Clothing goes two notches further, as it caters to the clothing for men and children along with the apparel for women. They produce unconventional designs, thus competing with Jaase. Down-under clothing like Arnhem Clothing comes with both women’s and men’s outfits.


Bella Designs present clothing for women and kids. They also have a jewellery collection for men. Their men’s collection has nomad designs in jewellery to gift or buy from. The jewellery collection has anklets, rings, and earrings.


Mahiya is known for its turquoise embroidery on the fabric. Many brands being influenced by this have tried to repeat the same and other substances knit to their fabric. This practice has since gained popularity amongst the hippy brands of clothing.


Tree of Life is another Australian brand that borrows from the popular designs and patterns prevalent in the hippy lifestyle following groups in India. It presents clothing collection majorly for women.


Kivari is yet another exclusively for women bohemian style brand. It caters to the clothing needs of a travelling woman, a female explorer. Their catalogue picture is a traveller woman (who is a model) decked on a port or dock for a photoshoot.


Chasing Unicorns again is meant for feminine clothing in rustic, bohemian outfits. Likewise, many Boho brands improvise their collections, updating to give a tough competition to the other Boho brands.




A charming fact about bohemian clothing is that some of the outfits could be worn by both men and women. This means that they are gender-neutral (for example, the Unisex clothing range). The menfolk do not have to pry over the shortage of gypsy designs for them at the stores. They have more options in the same and other brands that focus on travelling men, more than women. Just that, whoever is reading this and wants a hippie outfit, needs to look into which brand suits their boho style.




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