Paint Colour Combinations That Should Never Be Used for Your Home


It is not so difficult to choose any one colour for your bedroom, hall, or kitchen. However, to select two colours that would look good together is not easy at all. It is a difficult task for most people to pair up to paint shades that would create a perfect visual appeal. Choosing colours we understand depends solely on individual choice and preference, but there are a few colour combinations that should not be used together for the home. We list below such colour combinations that you must avoid.

Warm and cool colours do not go well together – Each paint colour is unique in its own way. Also, each shade has the ability to bring about a change in the home ambience and the mood of the occupants. Warm colours make the room exude cosiness and brings about a friendly home atmosphere. Cool colours, on the other hand, give us a feeling of emptiness and isolation. So, when you pair warm colours with cool shades, they repel. They are contrary to one another and hence not ideal to use them together.

Dark colours do not go well – Each paint colour scheme has its level of brightness. Choosing colours according to the brightness level is a thing to keep in mind as it influences the mood of the home dwellers. Home painting services in golf course road will tell you that using two dark shades will give a gloomy and bleak ambience to your home. Two light colours may go well together, but two dark shades do not gel well. Their bold and high-intensity look gives it a rather weird and tacky look. Dark colours can be used as accent walls and can be matched with the home furnishings and accessories in your home.

Matching is limited – Most people like to match the wall paint colours to that of the room furniture and accessories. However, too much of matching colours will only give your room a dull and plain look. You can also employ contrasting colours on the walls to give it a visually more appealing look. Matching means the room looks monochromatic and plaintive.

The right mix – When you use two or more paint shades, you must ensure to use them in the correct ratio. If you use all the paint colours in the same ration, it will give the room a multi-coloured look. The appropriate ratio and balance of mixed colours will enhance the beauty of the room. Ideally, one should use 60% of the primary colour, 30% secondary colour and 10% of accent colours to make the room visually appealing.

Do not follow trends blindly. The colours that you choose for your home should be the colours that you love. A wall painter in golf course road will help you make your task of choosing appropriate colours for your home easy. Colours, no doubt, play various roles, but its main role is to make the house look attractive and beautiful. Colours can affect you on various aspects, but its primary role is to attract the viewer visually, so keep in mind the points mentioned above to avoid mistakes.


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