Overwhelming Ways to Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop


So, you’ve just bought a new laptop and performing your routine jobs with ease. But all of a sudden, something happens, and your laptop’s battery runs out of power in no time. Now, you’re in a real problem as it’ll leave a huge impact on your productivity.

Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to struggle not to have a working battery. You can use a couple of points to prevent your battery from draining quickly. You’ll need to use mentioned-below points to fuel your laptop’s battery in an excellent way. It can be just as valuable to know what you can do when charging your battery as when you want to stop your battery from failing faster than it does.

Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Significantly

Although there are quite a few ways that can help you increase your laptop battery massively but it’s always a smart move to use the AC Adapter to avoid any battery damagers sooner or later.

  • Adjust Screen Brightness

First and foremost, visit a control panel of your laptop and make changes in the brightness level. In many cases, you can perform that thing by using a hotkey, which lets you adjust the brightness of your laptop in a jiffy. Regardless of what the case is, go through how extreme the display looks and decrease it if needed.

  • Make Changes in Power Usage Settings

There should be a set-up or menu on the operating system of your laptop to make changes in Power Usage Settings. This involves assistance to control when a laptop enters sleep mode or whether the display is disabled. The laptop will save energy through these modes, and the display won’t be active.

Many other functionalities, as well as a fan of the laptop, won’t be active during sleep mode. And to get your laptop out of sleep mode, you can push a button on your laptop. The use of the battery will be significantly reduced at this point.

  • Look for Online Connections You Use

You can examine an online connection with which you operate. This involves questioning how you are connected. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or don’t actually have to get online, you should turn-off Wi-Fi set-up. And if you are ready for a Wi-Fi link, more battery will be required. We can say the same for Bluetooth connection. Disable Bluetooth installation if you don’t try to connect to anything through wiring.

  • Avoid Turning-On Backlight of Keyboard

Every laptop comes with quite a few controls alongside a hotkey that can help you manage your laptops’ settings with ease. These controls and hotkeys enable you to keep control of the backlighting of the keyboard, and if you turn-off the backlights, it ultimately improves the battery in a meaningful way.

  • Avoid Keep Connecting Peripherals

Some convenient peripherals connected to your laptop, such as mouse and numerical keypad, directly consumes your laptop battery expressively. So, make sure you don’t have peripherals connected for too long. These components use more battery power than you can afford. Remove any peripherals not needed for your application. But for some reason, you must not use these peripherals for too long, or you can use more battery power than required.

The Bottom Line

It’s, indeed a full of hassle if you have a laptop battery that doesn’t work seamlessly or flawlessly. Obviously, no one wants to get into trouble with Laptop Batteries at various times, but it doesn’t entirely mean you need not to be worried. You should always look at how perfectly it’s going to be juiced up and how you use your laptop. It’s very much important to understand what you can do to use your laptop, so that you can see what you can do to keep your laptop working for a longer period of time.


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