Don’t Miss Out on Outdoor Advertising if You Have a Startup

Outdoor Advertising if You Have a Startup

It’s a common notion that out-of-home or OOH advertising is only associated with big brands. But it’s not true. It can benefit both, big and small setups. Thanks to the technological advances, especially the refined automation that has been brought to this medium now. Also, it has become more affordable. Startups can combine their existing marketing mix like social media marketing, PPC ads, e-marketing, mobile marketing, direct mail, etc. with outdoor advertising to achieve tremendous success!

We live in times where small brands no longer act and look small. This has been made possible because of things like extensive social media reach and mediums like TV. Watching TV ads of two different clothing brands with one of my Silver Package Spectrum recently, I realized that I couldn’t tell the difference in their size! The only difference between small and large brands now is quantity, not quality. You can leverage outdoor advertisement strategy and get massive exposure, and build trust and prestige. Thankfully, it is quite affordable now!

Outdoor ads are catchy and hard to miss. Having a heavy outdoor presence will ensure that you stand out. You need to have specific targets in mind when you are leveraging OOH advertising. Here’s why you should consider outdoor advertising for your startup:

Gain Confidence and Build Trust

Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing tips for startups, there’s hardly any talk about leveraging outdoor advertising. Given its immense benefits, it is highly underrated. Most of the marketing efforts are focused on mobile, online, and digital. You do need other media essentially in your marketing efforts, there’s no doubt about it. But when it comes to consumers recognizing your startup, outdoor marketing has a higher trust level as compared to other practices. If you want to build confidence and trust in your brand, you should keep out-of-home advertising efforts at the forefront,recommended digital marketing services in india.

OOH is not only about boosting your profile and credibility in consumers’ eyes. It also gives buyers the confidence to stock up your products in their stores and on their shelves.

Using the Location to Your Benefit

If you build a solid local presence, OOH is a great way to go about it. Your fledgling brand can earn recognition in the local community and get better responses. The best strategy would be to target taxis, food outlets, shop sites, and local events.

You have the advantage of picking the right locations to target your audience. It’s not restricted to targeting a specific city or town. You can even pick the relevant roadside, high street, individual bus stops and conveniently place your ads there.

Take the instance of launching a new fashion line. You can easily target local shopping malls, high streets near the stores, which stock your range, and so on. You can even drop your product catalog and look-books in targeted houses and communities. Similarly, if you have launched a revolutionary productivity app, go for ad sites such as the premises of upmarket office complexes, outside Starbucks, and so on.

Make Your Marketing Mix Dynamic

OOH essentially offers a very flexible and effective marketing solution. By leveraging digital OOH, you can run ads during a specific time of the day or a particular day of the week as per your marketing needs. For instance, if you are opening a new restaurant, you have booked adverts displayed on weekends and evenings. If you are introducing a new energy drink, the best strategy would be to target the commuters in the morning rush hour.

Adding OOH to your existing social media marketing campaigns and other marketing formats can make your advertising plan a dynamic mix of various strategies.

Punch Above Your Weight

When it comes to effective marketing, don’t forget to take advantage of the symbolism involved. What you are doing is only effective if you know how to do it. Make sure you express and manifest your big ambitions when you take the out-of-home route for marketing. Show that you take your goals seriously and you are focused on growth. When you punch above your weight, you will be all about taking your game to the next level. By meeting the high expectations of your consumers, you will be perceived as a trendsetter.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

If you look at the startups in your niche, you will hardly find any which are leveraging OOH advertising. Take advantage of this situation. Stand out from the crowd by taking a more dynamic and effective take on your marketing strategies. By incorporating the OOH advertising strategy at an early stage of your marketing campaigns, you will ensure a competitive edge over your competitors.

Even big setups and recognized companies are using this strategy. I witnessed a Spectrum bundles texas ad on the roof of a taxi cab with a quick price and Mbps offered. And I thought to myself, what a clever strategy to get noticed! I’m actually considering it for my small business as well.

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