Online Tajweed Course-How Online Quran Academies Are Helping Muslims All Across The World?


There are multiple approaches to learn the Quran. Traditionally, people prefer to go to a mosque or find a good home tutor but the possibility of these two options is ruled in case you are dwelling in a non-Muslim state. In Western countries, Muslims prefer to go for online Quran academies for seeking Islamic education. The e-learning technologies are becoming popular day-by-day to overcome the hurdles of distance learning courses. Many websites are offering multiple online courses. You can select a reliable and authentic online learning Quran academy for you.

What is the importance of Tajweed in Islam?

The set of rules for proper recitation and pronunciation of the Quran is known as Tajweed rules. The main aim of Tajweed rules is to help recite to understand intonations and diacritical positions of Arabic language. The application of Tajweed rules makes the recitation of the Quran proficient, eloquent, and beautiful. The change of intonations alters the meanings of the words. That’s why the knowledge of Tajweed rules overcomes pronunciation mistakes.

What is the role of online Quran academies for teaching Tajweed courses?

The online Quran academy offers the facility of professional teachers for online Tajweed to take classes at your available time. It becomes easy for learners to take classes in the comfortable environment of their home. It is good if you have background knowledge of Tajweed because it improves your grip on applied Tajweed rules.

The Muslims can learn an online Quran with Tajweed under the supervision of an expert scholar. If you are accompanied by a good tutor, you can achieve your milestone in less duration of time. The professional teachers provide complete guidelines about Tajweed rules including rules of Noon Saakinand  Tanween, MeemSaakinah, Qalqalah, LaamShamsyiah andQamaryiah, heavy letters, light letters, AlifMadd, Laam in the word Allah, Ghunnah for the Ikhfaa, Al-Madd, and many others.

Skype is one of the best online platforms to take classes. The face-to-face online classes allow two-way communication between student and teacher. The teachers pay attention to individual students while in madrassahmany students are taking class simultaneously. This type of learning fills knowledge gaps quickly and helps to achieve the target.

When you learn online Quran with Tajweedyou come to know about the application of grammar rules to recite the Quran eloquently. The introduction to diacritical locations and Qiraat ruleshelp the learners to recite the Quran beautifully. On top of that, the learners become experts to point out the mistakes of the readers.

The entire course is divided into modules for quick learning purposes. At the end of each module, the teachers take tests to ensure that a student has fully understood it or not. Moreover, regular exercises and activities also polish the skills of the students. Similarly, after completion of course, a certificate is issued to the student. You can add it to your CV as well. Nonetheless, a good online Quran academy makes you self-sufficient and expert to recite the Quran by applying Tajweed rules.


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