PayKun: Valuable online payment solutions for Indian SME/MSME


The main challenge faced by the micro, small and medium enterprises is to stay afloat in terms of finances and revenue. It takes time to be profitable, and for some even to overcome the expenses and come out of losses. 

Payment Gateways help to a large extent in increasing the revenue for these business enterprises. With the rise of digitalisation and the online payment system trending, the outreach to the customers increases with the use of the digital payment system. And the most beneficial option is the payment gateway due to its various payment options and the security aspects. The business reach can be widespread from within the country to internationally.

The next important thing is choosing the most effective payment gateway according to the type of business. The best payment gateway for the SMEs is PayKun because of various reasons  such as low pricing, best security, reliability and reputation, ample of payment options, etc, these are discussed below:



It is a ready-to-use payment aggregator developed with ready to use technology that has integrated all the major payment methods in one checkout. Its available plugins and SDKs are easy to use and can be integrated with no need of technical knowledge from the merchant side. It has advanced technology and an up-to date payment system. These plugins and SDKs are free and even the registration with the PayKun does not have any charges.



PayKun will be very easy on pocket and it charges the lowest transaction fees in the market. Also, it does not have any kind of other fees, that is no setup or maintenance fees. Also, it provides the free integration services.

Payment gateway is a necessity but you need not spend more than required in using it. PayKun provides the best services at the least rates. Further there are no hidden charges too.


Payment Options

Using PayKun provides your customers with multiple payment methods. 120+ options are available at the checkout including the major credit cards, debit cards, wallets, UPI, NetBanking, etc. You may require all major payment options as per your startup business model. This way you can have all the trending payment options at the checkout and the customer would not dropout due to its non-availability.


Payment Links

If you have a website or an app, it becomes easy to use the payment gateway. But, if you are working offline or semi-online then also you can collect the online payment using the PayKun payment gateway.

If you have an offline (shop, store, etc) or semi-online business (facebook, instagram, etc) then you can provide your customers the payment or master links for which website or application is not required. It can be copied from the merchant dashboard, pasted and sent to the customer through Whatsapp, messenger, email, etc.


Customer Support 

It is important that you can reach out to someone for an answer or solution, especially when the money is in question. Right from the inquiry, registration process and after you start collecting the payments you require support services.

PayKun provides the robust customer services to the merchants as well as their customers. Contact options like email, live chat and call support are provided to give the timely and effective response by its efficient team.



The other fear with the money and the sensitive data is the theft. Online frauds are the common thing in today’s time and the protection against it is essential. PayKun follows the strict security compliances like the PCI DSS compliance, Encryption standards, SSL, etc. This way the data and funds are safe and secured.



As an SME it is important that you have the face of your business which has good reputation and outreach. Basically, your business is new so you need your payment gateway to be trustable and reputed so that the customer can know that they can trust you and if they trust the payment gateway only then they will go ahead with the purchase. So choosing PayKun would be one good impression in the market for the customers to trust their money with it.


International Services

You can have international outreach using PayKun because it provides the international payment gateway services too. It supports multiple currencies and countries. 



PayKun has a very easy and fast onboarding process, your account can be activated in no time (after proper verification). It provides fast settlement process of t + 1 to 3 working days (depending upon your business model and other aspects)


If you have a high risk business or a high volume business you can contact PayKun, they can help you with that too. Also it provides a high rate of successful transactions. Last but not the least, it has an effective Dispute Resolution Centre that provides the merchant and the customer both a platform to resolve their differences or issues. 



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