Online Catalog: Benefits And Various Tools Of Creating Catalog

online catalog creator

Today people are stuck on Smartphone and tablets for using the internet, you can get various benefits of making an online catalog in several ways like a chance to confer with it at anywhere and at any time, low weight to carry and it doesn’t need more space, time and labours, etc. Nowadays, several tools offer you various features that improve the journey of the consumers since they can purchase the products directly from the digital catalog, make bookmarks, or there is a probability of search for the products and services by page, value, or group.

The online catalog offers plentiful reimbursement for the business organization at various levels which are mentioned below:

One, marketing level- online catalog helps you to show a massive collection of the products with the best paper quality and various added options.

Two, communication level- online catalog helps you to express the educational plan or report on various business behaviours.

Three, ecological level- business organizations that prefer entirely for the digital or online catalog, these are the factors that help to reduce the utilization and reduction in the expenditure cost on paper, printing, graphic designing, and distribution.

Best tools that you can use to make an interactive digital catalog

Here is a list of some great tools which helps you to make an interactive digital catalog:

  • FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is strongly recommended because this tool is most popular as the best online catalog creator among various available tools in the market nowadays. This tool will offer you a massive range of readymade templates to make an online catalog. FlipHTML5 provides you with a feature to alter the PDF file into interactive digital content where you may add pictures, audio-video clips to amend the visibility of regular content and make the content more impressive and attractive to take the entire benefit of the online technology. Today, several people discover this tool most consistent and reliable and this is the reason that this made it a tool is at the first rank on our list.

  • Calameo

It is the French version of ISSUU. You can use this software to create digital magazines, digital brochures, catalogs, presentation catalog reports then publish and share this digital content very easily from PDF files by joining the essentials of multimedia such as audio-video, and animations. You may also allow browsing the page in Calameo the same as ISSUU, creating a bookmark, and zooming the page. This software also provides free service for the content with less than 500 pages and weighs less than 100 Mb. The field like cooking, travels, and literature formed with the site is diverse and comes with outstanding quality.

  • FlippingBook

It is a well-known tool that allows you to make an interactive digital catalog from PDF documents with some easy clicks. This will provide you a vast list of exciting features like Flipbooks which means any documents with a feature of page-flipping which you can easily access on your smartphones and tablets and it is very valuable in upgrading the SEO. You may also incorporate your content with social networks. There is a free version of FlippingBook is also available.


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