OgyMogy Best Mobile Tracker App for Android 2020



Smartphones are going beyond the sentiments of personal attachment. There is indeed nothing more personal than a smartphone. Well, this personal attraction is not limited to any age or gender. Instead, everyone, of every age and both the genders have this phenomenonin common. All it takes is a good smartphone and it becomes a darling in no time.

Wait a minute! What happens when you give a smartphone to your kids?The same thing happens and it happens to everyone. I remember my grandma who treated her mobile phone like her pet. So, this is not something to worry about.But what you need to worry about is how your descendants are using their smartphones. Would you mind checking their activities? Of course, you may not, else you will hurt them and this is another thing that happens very commonly.

Parents cannot monitor their kids’ activities with the smartphone. Well, there are several other things that the parents cannot do. Also, they cannot hold back from purchasing smartphones to their children. Certainly, this puts the parenthood into a series of despair and shackles them off. It is hard to define a parent’s feeling when they find their loved one falling prey to a digital predator.

It is never late when you have decided to act upon saving your child. But of course, you will be thinking how will you do that? A best mobile tracker app for Android can make that happen. Well, the next question be, how to find the best app? The best app is that which not just gives the maximum, but the entire control to the parents. Like Ogymogy, that empowers the parents to peek into their kids’ phones like they are using their own.

There are just a few things that can help the parents get the perfect app they need.Those include:

  • Primary features
  • Advanced features
  • Backend Solution
  • Performance and functionality
  • Support

And above all, the price tag! Well, as a humble suggestion, good things are seldom available in less price. Simple is that, we only get what we pay for. Well, let us move ahead and explore the options to find the best mobile tracker app for Android:

Primary Features:

Primary features or the basic features are the tools that help the parents to monitor some basic activities of their kids like checking the call logs, and the text. Generally, most of the parental control apps have the basic features. But it is not necessary that every app has the common primary features.It depends on the backend coding and development skills. Ogymogy has a team of expert developers. So it was never difficult for them to add all the primary features in their app.

Advanced Features:

The advanced features or in a simple way, the secondary features enable the parents to be with their kids. Such as listening to voice calls or watching where the kid is. These features comfort the parents by showing them the real-time presence of their kids. Certainly, a mother will not have to worry about her daughter if she is late from school. Because the mother can easily check where her daughter is and what she is doing. Similarly, there are plenty of other features that keep the parents informed on their kids’ activities. For instance, parents can see what their kids are downloading on their phones and who they are talking to on WhatsApp.

Backend Solution:

Often the best mobile tracker apps have the backend or dashboard solutions available. Parents can log into an online portal and retrieve all the tracking data. This is indeed a great support to the parents as it empowers them to use the tracking data for good.

Performance and Functionality:

If the tracker goes absent, then it is surely not beneficial for you. It is indeed a burden and a waste of money. A best mobile tracker is only that performs 100% and remains active all the time because that is the real benefit for the parents. Else, why have they spent money on something which cannot find their kid?


Support is the face of every organization. The app with continuous and helpful support enables the parents to use it easily and take the most benefit. Just like Ogymogy, where the support team is available 24/7 to help the parents in usability.

Well, you can find the features mentioned on the website like readesh. But when it comes to the performance, support, and functionality, you will have to make a research on the reviews. Check the consumer reviews to know about the caliber of the app.


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