Offset Printing vs Digital Printing


Life is about competition, wherever we turn our heads, we find people competing. And on higher levels when those people work to own shops, factories, or companies, they start competing in that.

People choose the one that seems better and convenient to them. Similarly, when different types of technologies are invented and when people have many options in one thing, they automatically tend to start comparing them as well as starting to wonder which one would fit best for the job that we need to be done with them.

And just like any other thing, in the printing industry, all the different types of printing methods are compared together to try and figure out which one will be the best for the job. There is truly no competition, to begin with, but people like to compare so that they can understand which one would be better than the other in certain regards.

]ZEE Packaging can help you to print your boxes with both of these methods. And if you are worried about choosing between Offset Printing and Digital Printing and not wanting to make the wrong choice then read on and figure out which one you want more.

What is Digital Printing and how does it work?

As the name suspects, digital printing involves the use of a digital image that is then directly transferred on to the surface that you need to print on.

The good thing about digital printing is that it doesn’t need any extra setup or sheets that need to have the image transferred to them first. Many other types of printing methods involve the use of blankets and rollers that can help move the image from one surface to the next whereas digital printing doesn’t.

Pros of Digital Printing

  • The best thing about digital printing is that it has vibrant colours that can be shown on your objects in a very beautiful way. Unlike many other printing methods, digital printing doesn’t have any sort of limitation when it comes to colours and it has all varieties of shades and colours that it can use.
  • Digital Printing saves a lot more time than any other printing method. And if you are a packaging company that has to get the printing done in bulks and have many items to get the printing done on then this method is the best for you.
  • In the aspect of its good quality image producing method, digital printing is pretty cheap. And at a very low cost, you can get the best printing services done for you saving a lot of your money while e also getting the best services.

Cons of Digital Printing

  • The printing image is not as high of a quality as screen printing.
  • Digital printing has a fixed price so when ordering printing for bulk, it can get a little expensive.

What is Offset Printing and how does it work?

Unlike digital printing, offset lithography demands the use of a rolling blanket that the ink can be transferred to before it is used on the surface of the product that you need printing done on. Several packaging companies like King Custom Boxes, even after having all types of printing offered for packaging boxes, use this method more often than the rest due to it s time-saving powers.

Pros of Offset printing

  • The topmost advantage of offset Lithography is its ability to create the most high-quality image as well as an image that is not pixelated.
  • Due to its low cost, it can work in your favour if you order up this printing for a bulk of packaging boxes of yours.
  • Because of the ink being controllable, offset printing creates printed images of more variety of designs than other types of printing.

Cons of Offset Printing

  • There are only a few disadvantages that come with offset printing. One of them is that the plate blankets that are used to transfer ink on the surface of a substance use certain chemicals and that will need a lot of extra care.
  • The setup and equipment can charge a little extra.

Choosing the printing method that will fit you

Choosing a printing method that would be more convenient for you and lighter on your pocket will be now easier after that detailed survey of both of these type of printing methods.

But at the end of the day, you will realize that whatever type you choose for your packaging boxes, you will just need to make sure that you are making them attractive and using these printing facilities and making them be in your favour.

You can get all types of images and logos printed on your packaging boxes now and create unique packaging boxes. Many packaging companies nowadays offer these printing options that will help you get more successful.


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