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We are atExpertasia Bully Campwe offerbothindividual and group dog training chiang mai courses.

During our dog trainingclasses, we concentrate onthe social aspect and obedience.

Dog education

The education system is a key toolto acquire essentialknowledge andskills.

Do youhave any idea?

As eachhuman beinghas unique fingerprints, eachdoghas a uniquenose.

Each and every child needsto beeducated in order tolearn the essential skills and knowledge. Dogstoo mustbetrained in ordertohave a good relationship withtheir social group on theone hand,as well as withinyourfamily and the societyin the second.

Dogs are taughthow to look at it,feel it, to be respectful ofit,to understandit.

Toeducate a dog,it is essential to show respect for each other.

The language of dogs is unique to them.It is possible to learn howtocommunicate with dogs throughourexperienced and qualifiedpet experts.

Our dog training courses

If it’s a puppyor an adult dog,all learning should be conductedin a very progressive way.

Individual dog training classes

In the first class,we willassess your currentpartnershiptogether with the dog.During this period an educationstrategy will be developed.The dog will thenbeincluded inour group lessons(maximumthat there are fivedogsinan area).

Group lessons

A dog is socialized wheninteracting with other canines andunderstanding their cues through words andbody language.In the case of puppies, socializationbegins in the firstlitter.They can then start to interactwith other dogsas well ashumans and families. Theprocess of socialization forthe dog can take between two and threemonths.This is when weteachthe art of social interaction and positive interactionwithhumans and dogs.

Different games and dog exerciseswill be used to improvethebond betweendogs and their owners.In this way theare taught sociability as well asobedience.

Sociability & Games

We will introduceavarietyof gameswithyour dogduring the initialindividual lessons.Subsequently we will develop thisinto small-sized groups. Wegive specialattention to yourdogthroughout these training sessions. Weprovide aatmosphere where dogs feelrelaxed, safeandappreciated. Ourmain focus:



Obedience is the basis forlife between you andyourdog. It islearned and taughtwith the help of a satisfyingandlovingrelationships with dogs. We rewardhim withfoods, toys and engaginggames.The goal is his well-beingand a strong connectionto him and you.


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