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Are you in need ofto get aDenim Refresh?These are theNewSeasonJeans to be aware of…

Fashion trendsVideo Game Jackets The iconic denim jean isan essential piece of clothingthat men simply cannotbe satisfied with.Fashion trends change alltime, butthere’s one thing allrunways on fashions have in common the classic denim.Bullet Blues is the onlyplace that can tell youwhich styles, washesand silhouettes arepopularright nowwith regards toAmerican-made jeans.We continue to fightthe blues of lockdown -and with afresh seasonof fashionon theon the way, there’splenty ofthings toanticipatethis spring.So although we might not be heading ‘out out’ quite as often these days, denim is in fact the perfect rock-for-all-occasions wardrobe addition.Denim is versatileinall ways.

Whatdistinguishes a manfromother men?Since the invention of jeansbydenim connoisseur,Levi Strauss back in the late 19th century, stars,street style influencers, bloggersandfashionable men acrossAmericahave been following in the footstepsin achieving their own unique denimstyles – season after season.A pair of jeans that is well-madecan make any manfeel andappear rich,regardless of whether he’s acowboy or a city boy orbluecollared gentleman.The original cowboy and son ofClint, Scott Eastwood isa shiningillustrationof this!Take a look at how he is rockingthe westernjeans trend while incorporatinghis ownunique styleofcool and masculine.Fashionisn’t just about beingnice, it’s abouthaving a great time in the topAmerican-madedenim for men.

GuysBest Women CardigansHere’san overview of the Top5 Denim Fashions thatBullet Blues can help youcreate a look that ismoremodern.

American-Made Jeans For Men: Light Wash Cowboy Boot Cut Jeans

Our ‘Cowboy Azurin ‘ boot-cutjeansare sure to be aman’sbest friend as warmer eveningsare on the way.Made with love,if there’s one denim trendthat’s settomake an appearancefor S/S21 and beyond, it’slightwash jeans.Thefashionable, boot-cut pairis a classic look withsubtle stonewasheddetails.This allowsyou torockthose light blue jeans in theBullet Blues style.Looking for the topAmerican-madejeans for guys?This isthe authentic cowboy look!

Indigo Blue Tapered denim for Casual Weekend Adventures

Our”RebelIndigo” tapered-leg jeans are timeless inall-American jeans.This pair of dark indigojeans is luxuriousfromthe laststitch. It’sthe perfect pairfor casual outings on weekendsor laid-back strolls at night.Style with your faveBullet Blues muscle car tee andthe retro pair ofsneakersfor a striking lookthat captures cool off-duty stylein a flash.

RelaxedStraight Leg Jeans with a Fit Sophistication and Comfort Unrivaled

{}Best Bootcut Jeans For Men Made of the highest-qualitydark wash denim, our ‘Nationalist Nuit’ relaxed fit jeansare guaranteed to give youmale style points fromthe moment youtrythe size.TheBullet Blues edition is ideal forthose who livean activelifestyle.Thisdenim style is perfectforathletic builds, especiallythose who have largerquads.Straight-legged jeans arethe hottestfashion on runways for menswearat the moment. Ifyou wanttospice upyour springwardrobe, “Nationalist Nuit” willhelp you create your style.

Uptown Guy: Black Skinny Jeans for The European City Boy Look

Get your denim staples in order whilealso rockingBullet Blues’ answer to polished Europeanfashion – our”Uptown”black skinny jeansare createdtoelevate your lookfromday to evening.Theseblack designer skinnies willcreate a striking denim look regardless of whetheryouwearthemwithan etherealblue Chambray shirt,tied-in shirt or addcolor to your look withan Amber Flame button-up shirt.Modern instyleandconstructed to last, theslim-fit jean from America also offersa level of comfort likeno other.

Dark Blue Tapered Leg SkinniesFor The Modern Man AroundTown

A quintessential dark wash denimto make you feel more stylish in your everyday wear Our ‘Uptown’ skinnyjeansare also availablein a midnight blue colorwith a subtlefadedfinish with whiskered details.The deep blue pair ofjeans isa popular choiceforjeans made in America.It is a timeless pair of jeans that offersstyles and long-lastingcomfort.Are youready for a refresh ofyourspring lookwith classic, slim-fit jeanswhich flatter your body?Findyour Bullet Blues pair today!


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