No Hot Water Coming out of the Geyser? Potential Reasons and Solution


Winters are just ‘round the corner in Lahore! Is your geyser prepared? If not then you better get it installed because these days, geyser installation services in Lahore are in full swing. However, if you already have a geyser installed and somehow you can’t get it working, you can call in Geyser Repair Services and prepare ahead for winters.

Now coming back to the topic of our blog, what may be the reason for no water coming out of the taps?

If you are somebody who is encountering the issue of ‘No water’ originating from the geyser then know that it is a typical issue and can be settled without any problem. The moment when you install a water heater geyser at your home, you are fundamentally making your hot water tap useful.

This implies that at whatever point the geyser is turned on and working, high temp water should originate from the heated water taps associated with the geyser zone. It so happens that sometimes you will find that no water is originating from the geyser or those taps. We have brought to you a rundown of the potential causes just as their answers for this issue and it is given as follows:

  1. Look at whether water is coming from other taps

The primary thing that you have to do once you watch no water originating from geyser is to check the wide range of various taps in the house also. Is water coming or moving through every one of them appropriately? If not, then it’s settled that the issue isn’t with the fountain of boiling water. You should check the main water supply. Even if that is working all fine, check with your neighbors about their water supply. Be that as it may, if the boiling water tap isn’t giving water, then it’s certain that you must have sealed airlocks in your lines.

This could likewise be a consequence of a frozen line in your home. You may need to contact geyser repair services to get this issue unraveled. At times, the tap washer may likewise require replacement since this could be causing the issue. The tap might be impeded and this issue can be settled by eliminating the tap and taking a look at the washer. You will have the option to check whether it needs replacement. If so, contact a geyser installation service in Lahore to assist you with doing as such.

  1. Check with the Airlock

If you figure out that the purpose behind no water originating from geyser is a sealed lock, you can very well resolve it yourself by adhering to the given guidelines:

  • You should initially attach the hosepipe to the broken tap and afterward fit its opposite end to a working tap.
  • Turn on the wrecked tap and this will help to break the sealed area. Yet, for this, leave the taps running for a couple of moments.
  • If this works, then the first thing you should be doing is to first eliminate the hose off the most elevated tap and not the least.
  • Doing the opposite could mean building up a vacuum and, in this manner, an airtight chamber may occur ONCE AGAIN. If you can’t get the issue resolved, you better check in with the geyser repair services experts to help you fix the issue.
  1. Check the power supply if it’s an electric geyser

If you have an electric geyser at home, then the most probable purpose for no hot water originating from the geyser could be an issue with the power supply. Follow the given below tips to check and tackle this issue. However, it is advised to call the geyser repair services as electricity is a sensitive matter for a layman to handle.

  • First, check the primary switch on the water heater geyser and afterward the wire or electrical switch. The circuit flips sometimes and this could prompt NO high temp water. Simply flip the circuit from OFF to ON position to get the issue resolved.
  • In case of a blown-up fuse, a replacement can be made but with a similar rating. For this, it is a wise call to call up the geyser installation service in Lahore to avoid any accidents.

Since you know the different causes and answers for the issue of no water originating from the geyser, you can take care of the issue on your own too! However, sometimes, the issue could be outside your ability to comprehend, and accordingly, you may need to contact Geyser repair services in Lahore.


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