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The Bay of Plenty is home to some of the mostbeautifulsun, seaandsandNew Zealand has to provide.Taurangaliesalong the sought-after coastline.Here you willdiscoverthe Mauao volcano, asand the breathtakingMount Maunganui beach.The localsrefer to it as”the Mount”, asthe beach has water sportsandevents for the daring, as welltasty food options forfoodies.

Here aresomeof thetopthingsyou can do aroundTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui sits across Tauranga Harbour from Tauranga and is an extinct volcano.Mauao is the Maori nameforMount Maunganui. Itcan be accessedearly in the morning to enjoyall that it offers.There areseveral walking tracksthat are available, and it usuallytakesabout an hour to makethrough the pohutukawatree.It’sa steep climb,but once youreachthe top,you willbegreeted by 360-degree viewsof Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty coastline.Two of New Zealand’s mostbeautifulbeaches, Mount Maunganui Beach, and Pilot Bay are located at the mountain’sapex. Thisgives youan incredible viewfromevery angle.You canpack a breakfast buffet(coffeeis not required) andstartyour daywith astunningsunrise.

Adventure Water Parks:BeSplendid

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s WaimarinoAction Park in Taurangawillprovidethe adrenaline rushyourequire.Just 10 minutesfrom the city’scentrewilltakevisitorsto the Wairoa river, where you can enjoymanyactivities.There’s somethingto suiteveryoneincludingrock climbing wallsand aclassicslip andslide.You can’tskipthe Tarzanwater trampoline or swing as well as the hugeinflatable ‘blobthatwill take you to the water.Waimarino offersevening glowworm-worm kayak toursinLake McLaren to those looking for atranquilactivity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Atrektoa waterfall is a must-doineveryKiwi summer.Begin by visitingMcLaren Falls Park. Theshort 20-minute hikewilltake you through native forestsandcaves with glowworms.There arealso severalother tracks that run throughthereserve’s 190 hectares, so set out foran afternoon of exploration.Next up is theKaiate Falls, which arelocated about a 30 minutedriveaway fromTauranga.Take the foresttrackup to the top, thengo down the valleyuntilreachingtheswimming hole. Thisis a great placefor an afternoon dip.

Sail A Catamaranto this uninhibited island

You can drive alongthe coasttoWhakatanewhere you will findyour starting point for athrilling day onthecatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island,an area of wildlife conservationoffthe Bay of Plenty coast.If you’re lucky,you’llseethe uniquenativewildlife on shore likeKakariki, Tuatara, fur seals, andpenguins.Toget a better viewof theamazingmarine lifethat inhabitsthe island, youcouldalso take a snorkeling trip.Take a relaxing dipin thehotwater poolorrelaxon thedeck.It is truly adayspentinthe midst of paradise.

The Dream Summer Festival

Can youbeaKiwi withoutspendingatleastone year at Bay Dreams.Theyknow how to puton ashow. TheJanuary 2019sold-out gigsawthe headlinerCardi Btake the stagewithher hits, includingBodak Yellow, wowing anenthusiasticcrowd.Peking Duk was among theperformersat the Newyear’s festival2021.Bay Dreams, Tauranga’s summer destination,is packed witheverything youneed: a stellar line-up,glitter andjeans as well ascamping andcamping.

These Stores Are Local!

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga shopping isaboutfinding hidden treasures inindependentstores.For those wholoveKiwi-made brandsand havean eye for design, paperplane concept stores isthe placetobe.You’ll find aselection of fashion, lifestyleitems,andhousehold items.Our Place offersvariousmoving pop-ups, rangingfrom fashion to jewelleryand art,thatpermit for a variety ofthe possibility of spontaneity.The centre of Our Place is constructedout ofshipping containers. Itsgoalis toprovide low-costretail spaceto local artisansand entrepreneurs.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Want to indulge in luxuryproducts?Abohemian picnic with views ofthe ocean and Mauao mountain is thebest wayto go.Bay Picnicsofferseverything you needto makea memorable occasion, birthdaycelebration, orsimplya funeveningout.There are teepees to fitbig fluffy pillows, alights throws,throws,as well asBluetooth speakers.There’s also a varietyoffood options available, including vegetarian, veganas well as raw plates.Forthose specialevents(readdream engagement), you can eveninclude flowers inyour picnic.

Take Partin the Markets

Taurangais a city with something uniqueto offerwhen it comesmarket days on weekends.The Little Big Marketsoffer a diverse selection ofdelicious food.From French crepesto a variety of ice creamto rainbow shavedice,localtreats There’s something for everyone.Foodiesshould notskipDinnerin Domainwhich features the bestfood truck vendorseachweek.We’re talking bubblewaffles, thejuiciestburgers, giant paellaand sweetdesserts.We are salivatingover thetempting treatsatHello Rosie.Thevegan junk foodconnoisseurisa master ofveganjunkfood.The Saturdayfarmersmarketis a stunning source ofseasonal produce and wouldenhance any cheese board.

Moturiki Island is Walkable

Yes,that’sright.You can walk tothissmallisland.Thesmall350 metrelong islandcan be foundadjacentto Mount Maunganui beach. Awalkingbridge connectsit.There isa blowhole on the islandwhich releases water athigh tide.Take the path that faces upwardstoenjoy expansiveviewsof Mauao and the city’scoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools: Relax in the Salt Water

Avisitto Mount Hot Pools which is a placewhereunwinding and relaxationshould be your number onepriority, isan absolutemust.It is renowned for its therapeutic properties taking a bathin thesepools of salt wateragainstthe backdrop of Mount Maunganui will leave you feelingrefreshed and rejuvenated.You can alsoreservea private pool fortheluxurious massage you desire.

Go tothis Quaint Historic Village

Stroll throughthe cobbled streetsofThe Historic Village andstep back intothe past.It’seasy to spend theentire dayin this charmingvillage, which is filledwith hiddennooks as well as quirky craftsmenandcharmingcafes.There are alsoa numberofsmall art studiostoexploresuch asTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery, so the art aficionadois well taken care of.

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Weare all aboutfood we eat.Tauranga’stastydrinks and bites will haveyouwantingmore.

Ground Zero Coffee is amust-visitforthose who love coffee.It’s the only Bay of PlentySpecialty Coffee Makery. TheyofferIced coffee,andflat whites.You’ll find something sweeterinYo and Co.This dessert bar specializesinwaffles and sweet crepes.The place isalsohome toone ofthe top TaurangaIcecream shops.

Health nuts withan appetite for sweetsshouldnotbe able to misstheNourished Eatery.The cafe is a plant-based one thatfocuses onlocal, freshproduce.They areproud to be100%vegan andofferdairy-free and gluten-free choices.DeliciousWellness Bowl with herby hashbrows and smoky tomatoes sprouts, coconut tzatziki and sproutscould be a greatoptionfor breakfast.Speciality sweet treats such asNutella, custardanddouble chocolate browniescan be purchasedatThe Nourishing Bakker.


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