NetBase Quid Helping You To Benefit From Key Opinion Leader Information 


Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are trained professionals who have built trust and reputations on the basis of their experience in the consumer business and/or media. They speak on the company’s behalf, creating awareness and driving sales. KOLs have varying degrees of knowledge and expertise, but those who have built large followerships within their niche have a disproportionate advantage.

NetBase Quid leverages KOLs’ combined influence to provide businesses with opportunities to uncover consumer insights that lead to more successful marketing campaigns and media buys. KOLs on Quid deliver instant, unstructured insights. They connect instantly with audiences via their mobile phones and tablets, as well as their computers. A key advantage to companies and businesses is unparalleled.

Unique Selling Point

Key Opinion Leader is the specific term used for individual influencers and influencers networks. The unique selling point of the platform is the ability to identify and track the followers of key opinion leaders (KOLs), unique for their quality and performance, which brands need to engage.

NetBase Quid delivers premium KOL insights into where influencers are online at the moment, how they interact with followers, and a holistic insight into what they are doing. The platform makes it easier for you to create actionable, content, recommendations and brand impressions. You can watch a demo video on how you can leverage the NetBase Quid platform to identify, engage and nurture the best consumers and KOLs to influence.

Primary Source

A key opinion leader is also known as a media expert. When you talk to a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or sales rep, you are talking to someone who has been through the same process as you. In short, they are just like you. And while this may not seem like a big deal at first, your doctor and lawyer are your primary source of information. Instead, she may sell you something that is convenient to you, like a diet pill that could help you lose weight, but the research doesn’t exist to back up that claim.

Significant Following

Key Opinion Leaders have developed a significant following. KOLs typically specialize in a certain area and offer their expert analysis and insights on industry news, trends, and key challenges and opportunities. They have a significant influence on which brands consumers engage with and the media coverage they receive, so it is essential for brands to identify, connect with, and maintain contact with the right KOLs. NetBase Quid provides the research necessary to assess and identify KOLs.

Why is Marketing Worth Paying Attention?

The importance of marketing has become so relevant and so top of mind for companies that marketers are continuing to innovate around how they craft effective campaigns for consumers. With the emergence of this new content-based model, marketers have finally realized the benefit of gathering consumer insight in order to better understand their target audiences.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are highly regarded individuals that hold a unique position of credibility within their industry. The people these KOLs endorse or speak about have more influence on the buying decision than the company they work for. By tracking and analyzing top influencers within your industry, you can find the right conversations to join, generate deeper insights, and find ways to add value to their business.

Comprehensive Report

KOL information is typically hidden from traditional research tools such as SEMrush and which means traditional keyword searches can have a limited scope of who is talking about your company or competing against you. NetBase Quid provides a comprehensive report on who is talking about you and more importantly what they are saying.

The platform offers retailers and brands new, comprehensive insight into consumer and market trends, habits, and behaviors that give them powerful insights and directional planning tools that are not available with other sources.


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