8 Myths About Counselling Services That Needs To Be Busted


Seeing a diagnostician, dentist, chiropractor, or paediatrician does not raise questions but seeing a therapist does! Yes, many people frown upon the thought of them or others seeing a counsellor or a psychologist. And this happens because of the prevailing misconceptions and myths about psychotherapy. Counselling services are for people to overcome different types of mental problems.

It is not a “rich-people” thing or a luxury therapy like a spa! It is a necessity for people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other mental issues. So, why do we keep believing the myths we hear all around?

One of the reasons is that mental health has been a social stigma for decades. The awareness about health concerns like depression and anxiety was not prevalent in, say, the 1980s. Now that celebrities and well-known figures have come forward to talk about mental health problems, we hear so much about it! And even now, a lot of us tend to believe the myths people preach to us about counselling services. Well, let us know the busted facts behind these fables and get everything out in the open!

Counselling services are for us to pour out the disturbing thoughts that haunt us!

Common Myths About Counselling Services: Busted With Facts

It is time we address the prevalent myths about counselling services. We are abreast of the different types of mental issues that affect all age groups. Here are all the facts that will clear the doubts.

#1 Crazy & Insane People Need Counselling

“Have you gone crazy” – the classic response most people come up with when they get to know someone is seeing a counsellor. But what we need to realise is that depression and anxiety can affect sane and ordinary people. Being mentally ill and unstable are two entirely different concepts.

#2 All Counsellors Do Is, Talk!

Yes, many people suggest that counsellors just talk us out of a situation and make us feel better about it. But contrary to this popular belief, counsellors are the best listeners! It has nothing to do with influencing the patients. One can go to them, talk their mind out and then understand the ways to overcome the problems.

#3 There Is No End To Mental Therapies

“Once you start going to a therapist, you become dependent, and then there is no end to it” – people pass this overheard suggestion every time one proposes to go to a counsellor. But the best counselling services have a timeline, and therapists follow that routine strictly to help their patients out!

#4 Counselling Services Are For Weaklings

It is our upbringing and cultural roots that suggest that seeking help and psychotherapies makes us weak. It indicates that we are not bold enough to fight our problems and find ways to run away from them. But it takes courage and patience to be able to accept the disturbing thoughts and experiences that are causing us harm.

#5 Counsellors Just Be Friendly & Supportive

A counselling session is not for us to make friends! If one goes to a certified counsellor or therapist, he will receive professional treatment. On the contrary, in some countries, there are laws against therapists consummating personal relations with their clients, and it can make them lose their license.

#6 Every Session Is Like A Motivational Class

No, every session with a well-trained counsellor is a healing and learning lesson where we discover certified ways to fight our problems. And therapists use different methods that have medical significance. It is nothing like listening to words that get us charged up!

#7 Counsellors Just State The Obvious

This myth is probably the biggest misconception that stops people from availing themselves of a counselling session. We are made to believe that counsellors speak the obvious of a situation, and it is us who have to make a change. Well, therapists make us see what we do not of a problem

#8 Therapies Are Expensive

Lastly, this myth is partly an outcome of different fee structures set by therapists around the world! However, one can always find the best and affordable service in the city. Just analyse the option more carefully.

Key Takeaway: Therapies Are A Form of Health Treatment

Therapies and counselling services are not any abnormal or unlikely event that we must try to avoid! It is a treatment that we must seek for ourselves if we are suffering from any kind of mental issue. And it is nothing like the myths and misconceptions explain to us! All one has to make sure is knock on the right door. Find the best services in the city and seek mental health treatment from expert professionals. After all, mental peace is no less important than physical fitness!

Myths do not justify the importance or productivity of mental health therapies. We just have to find the best therapists to help us along the way! With the best counsellors at the service, it becomes easier to recover from mental health problems.

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