My Journey in Nepal – Travel Guide


These tips for Nepal aren’t arranged in a specific request and contain a couple of fun realities too – a large portion of these are from individual experience, talking with local people, and from individual explorers. To give you a little foundation, I visited Nepal in September 2016, for 9 days, with two companions. This was one of my first outings and truly opened my eyes, and now I need to share the entirety of my Nepal travel tips (counting what to do in Nepal β€” and what to keep away from!) with you. Eventually after reading the blog it will give you an idea about your Nepal Holiday Packages.


Take a warm cup of chai, dunk your roti into some palak, and appreciate these little chunks of shrewdness.

Try not to drink the faucet water


After (incidentally) spilling something on my shorts in the air terminal, I needed to wash my #1 pair of shorts. I took a touch of cleanser and water, gave it a brisk wash in the lodging sink, and hung it up to dry. The following morning, my whole room smelled smelly and like someone crept in my storeroom and passed on.


Ends up, whatever was in the faucet water made it onto my shorts and remained there. πŸ™


What’s the lesson of this story? Try not to drink the faucet water. Most inns will furnish you with a free container of water when you remain, or you can get them from the stores/sellers for around 30 to 50 pennies. You’ll clearly have to shower with faucet water (except if you can purchase 20 containers of water #ballin), however, I suggest having a second jug of water to brush your teeth and clean your face.


Go Beyond Kathmandu


Coming into Nepal, my companion and I had in a real sense zero plans on what to do: the lone things that were reserved were the boarding passes and a lodging in Kathmandu that would be our headquarters for the following nine days. In the wake of talking with different visitors, local people, and even the lodging proprietor (Thanks, Santos!) we required little road trips outside of Kathmandu and 2 days in Pokhara.


Best choice ever. Pokhara was incredibly lovely and resembled somewhere close to paradise and Earth. Simply take a gander at that photograph! On the off chance that you have over 4 days, I would suggest investigating different urban areas like Pokhara, Janakpur, Patan, or whatever else strikes your premium. Hell, you can even cross into Tibet or Bhutan on the off chance that you have the opportunity and financial plan.


Simply Explore


Subsequent to appreciating a dinner of Momos (see #5) and mango lassi around early afternoon, we had an entire day of adventuring left. But, we had no place to go. Luckily, our server had a couple of thoughts, one of them being a visit to the nearby cloister situated on the mountain close to the middle. We snatched our knapsacks, traveled the 1 km slope, understood that we actually required 6 additional kilometers, considered a taxi to get us the remainder of the route there (hello, it was a really extreme slope) and … were immediately dismissed.


Clearly the cloister didn’t acknowledge visitors after a specific time, significantly less two female visitors. We were digit freeloaded yet had a huge load of time, so we requested that our cab driver keep going up the mountain. At the point when we arrived at the top, there were not a single vacationer to be seen – simply one more religious community, a little store, and an exquisite perspective on Kathmandu beneath. After a short time, while plunking down and appreciating some chai, some benevolent priests from the religious community came over and we wound up visiting for a piece.


Now and again it’s smarter to not arrange anything and see where the street takes you. You may even observe the Kopan Monastery priests. πŸ™‚


Vacationer versus Local Prices


Most vacation destinations require an extra charge β€” which fluctuates from 10 Rupees to in excess of 1,000 Rupees β€” however the expenses are diverse for local people and sightseers. As a correlation, the least expensive spot we visited was the Mahendra Caves in Pokhara ($1USD for sightseers versus 20 pennies for local people) and the most costly were the Chandragiri Cable Cars ($22 for vacationers versus $7 for local people). You can see the distinction in the photograph above.


At the danger of seeming like a fatigued traveler, I get that the cash is going towards remaking a portion of the things that were obliterated in the tremors, yet it’s still somewhat disappointing when we needed to pay 5 to 10x in excess of a nearby. There are a couple of other blog entries that were expounded on this training (which is clearly basic in Southeast Asia), yet I suggest looking at eTramping for an engaging read.


Momos, Momos, and mo’ Momos


Y’know how every spot has their clichΓ© nourishments? France has croissants, China has faint total, Italy has gelato, and Nepal has … Momos. Wtf is Momos? All things considered, they’re minimal round dumplings with filling inside, for example, meat, veggies, or paneer cheddar. My solitary food guidance for Nepal? Attempt the Momos, you will love it. πŸ˜‰


Bring Toilet Paper


Simple, yet most of the spots we halted at (like bistros, cafΓ©s, attractions, etc) didn’t have TP. Be protected and bring your own Lil’ roll.


Plan Your Trekking


When you consider Nepal, what rings a bell? Mt. Everest is presumably at the first spot on your list, and it’s nothing unexpected – it’s the tallest mountain on the planet! The most famous occasions to go traveling in Nepal are February through May, and September through October when the climate is clear and there are charming temperatures.


The Smog


On account of a thriving populace, a huge load of vehicles, and low principles for outflow control, Kathmandu is positioned in the top urban communities on the planet for the most noticeably awful air contamination. In the event that you have asthma or lung issues, think about putting resources into clean covers to shut out the residue. For the spending adaptation, utilize your shirt as a veil as I did above smiling face-with-grinning eyes


Cabs are Your Best Friend


Without a doubt, you can take the transport or lease a cruiser (or even a tuk-tuk), however I found that taking a taxi in Nepal was the speediest and least demanding alternative. They’re all over the place, you can wrangle the cost, and it’s modest – we paid a normal of 150 to 300 Rupees ($1.50 to $3 USD) and around 500 Rupees to get from KTM air terminal to the middle. In the event that you need to go outside of the middle, you can likewise get a taxi recruit for a couple of hours/day – simply make a point to concur on the cost before you go, and approach your lodging front work area for their suggestions.


Step by step instructions to Avoid Getting Ripped Off in Nepal


At the point when I was going to Nepal, there was a specific trick that I saw unexpectedly. We would visit a notable traveler region, similar to the Pashupatinath Temple or Kumari Ghar, and a nearby would come up to us (and different sightseers) and begin clarifying the historical backdrop of the structure/sanctuary/whatever.


Thinking it was only a well disposed individual, the vacationers continued tuning in until they completed the “visit” and began to leave – until the nearby stops them and requested cash for their awesome and excessively intriguing journey. In the event that somebody approaches you and begins to address you about the spot, consider carefully cutting them off and ask how much their visit will cost. In the event that they’re worried about giving you a particular cost (or incorporate the expression “Pay me what you believe it’s worth”), leave.


You can deal


One of my number one things about trinket shopping is finding the opportunity to converse with the clerks and wrangle. It’s totally ordinary – and expected – in Nepal. Before you bounce in and toss your money at sellers, ensure you understand what kind of things you’re searching for, stroll around a couple of booths, and sort out the overall value range for those things. That way, you won’t pay 1000Rs for a singing bowl that costs 600Rs somewhere else. In like manner, make sure to be considerate and neighborly when bartering to get the best arrangements.





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