Must-See Things in Nassau: An Thrilling Holidays and Vacations Spot


Founded around 1650 by the British as Charles Town, the city was renamed in 1695 after fort Nassau. Because of the Bahamas’ planned location near trade routes and its gathering of islands, Nassau soon developed a haunt for pirates. British rule happened to be soon dared by the self-announced “republic of the private”. It was under the guidance of the notorious Edward Teach, better recognized as Blackbeard. Nevertheless, the alarmed British soon constricted their grip, and by 1720 the pirates had been expelled or killed. 

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What to visit in Nassau: places of interest

Stroll through the old town, an interesting mix of abandoned buildings and gleaming Caribbean structures. It also doesn’t take so long to hide away from the overly scrubbed tourist capacities in the center. Walk uphill ten minutes to the pink parliament building. Moreover, it uses to have a statue of a crowned Queen Victoria out front.

National Gallery of the art of the streets of the Bahamas, west & west hill

Opened in 2003, it displays Bahamian art from the pre-colonial era to the present. However, the quality of the art is pretty uneven, to say the least. But the modernized building, once the house of the chief justice, is a sight in itself.

Pirate museum

Recreations of a pirate city, a pirate ship, and a pirate battle, with some real artifacts mixed in.

Fort Fincastle

A small fortress was built in 1793 overlooks the city of Nassau from a small hill south of the city. Various cannons are on display.

Arch of Gregory

The arch used to be intended by JJ Burnside. Moreover, it was a representative division between downtown Nassau and a housing area for slaves. It is the old hill now community of new providence. Governor John Gregory is then appointed under whom the arch was built.

Fort Montagu

Fort Montagu has immense importance in Bahamian history. Especially since it was a war memorial to the battle of the Bahamas in 1776. Moreover, the fort was built in 1741 as a defense mechanism against Spanish invaders. It is the oldest fort on the island and is completely built-in limestone.

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Fort Fincastle

Fincastle was built in 1793 by lord Dunmore on a hill to protect the city from pirates. However, the fort happens to be completely built with limestone cut in the form of a paddlewheel steamer. Despite the ruins because of the passage of time, the fort covers remains of artillery used for defense.

Things to do in Nassau, Bahamas

Arawak cay / the fish fry

Arawak Cay is the point night in Nassau, a space with lots of local cuisine restaurants and tasty to try. People from Nassau call this area the fish fry. Arawak Cay is known for its cultural attractions, festivals and events, and, of course, its food. A tip for anyone going to the Bahamas is to try a local dish called conch fritters. A fried snail cake that goes well with a beer and for happy hour!

Straw market

One of the cool things to do in Nassau, or anywhere else in the world, is getting to know the market. And the straw market has a little of everything: junk, souvenirs, art, and “everything you need” to buy your Bahamas souvenirs but don’t forget to negotiate a little price! Just behind the market, there is a ferry boat embarkation and disembarkation session for the paradise island and hotel Atlantis region.

Bahamas beers: Kalik and sands

Kiko, my husband, loves sampling local beers on all of the world’s travels, and in Nassau, you need to try Kalik and sands beers. Kalik got its name from the noise of the “mug”, one of the musical instruments of the junkanoo festival, and sands entered the market in 2007 and were the hubby’s favorite.

Blue lagoon island dolphin bump into

One of the best things to do in Nassau happens to be swimming with dolphins. You only have to take a ferry for 20 minutes and you will be able to enjoy the beach, go kayaking, or drive a pedal boat. You can also swim with dolphins, be with them taking photos and caressing them or live the same experience but with sea lions.

In the Nutshell

If you feel that this list of the best places and things to do in Nassau has lured you into visiting this region, then be assured that there will be much more to see & do when you actually reach there! So, what are you waiting for? Plan your international trip to Nassau with Airlines Vacations right away


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