MP4 File: What Should You Know About It?

MP4 File

You might have seen mp4 video files many times, but do you know what they are? This post is about how to play and edit one, and convert mp4 to mp3 online or to the other video formats that might work a little better than on your device.

So, What This File Format is All About?

A file that is *.mp4 file extension is an acronym for the MPEG-4 video file. It’s a compressed file format that contains video, audio, and subtitles. You come across MP4 files while downloading a video from the internet or trying to save one from DVD to the computer.

How to Open an MP4 File?

Want to play an MP4 file? Right-click on the file and select ‘Open With’ you will see a list of programs in the computer that can play the file. Those computers who have assigned default programs to run such a file will open it as soon as such a double click on it. Most typical programs are Windows media player, and the MP4 file will open automatically.

In absence of a installed program on the computer that opens the MP4 file, then you will have first to install one. While you can install any media player for that matter, but VLC player is the most popular MP4 player that supports this file format. You can see the various file format it supports while installing it on your computer. It can play audio files as well. There are other players as well; however, they prefer the popular ones.

Most operating systems come with an MP4 player pre-installed these days. However, if due to any reason, the MP4 file could not be played on your computer, you may need to install MPEG-4 codec. Once it is installed, the computer will be able to identify the MP4 file format and play in any of the players. This file format is well supported in Android as well and Apple devices. It means you need don’t need to install any app to play MP4 videos that you get on the mail, chat, or in the web pages.

Converting MP4 Files

Want to convert and MP4 file to MP3 or any other desirable file format? There are online converters available online, and they are straightforward to use as well. Once you use these converters, you will be able to save the MP4 files in the desired format, like MP3. But the converters are not limited to converting to MP3 file format only. They can make the conversions to the other file formats as well. Unlike a life converting program, these are websites, which means no software program needs to be installed. Upload the file that you want to convert and download the converted file before using it.

However, as the converters work online in the browser, it may take a while for the video to get uploaded as most videos are plentiful. Further, once the video is converted, you have to download it again to get it on the local computer, and it takes some time too.

Some common features available with these sites are, you can use the site to perform as many conversion operations as required. Some websites may ask you to pay or put a barrier to the number of conversions that can be done. Usually, there are no file-size restrictions, no upload limits, or hidden costs.

In the End,

So, MP4 online conversions can be done readily without much issues. If you search for ‘mp4 to mp3 online’ you can get the entire list of the convertors that are available readily.


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