Mouth to Lung vs. Direct to Lung. All about puff: which is for you?


Choosing a puff style between mouth to lung and direct to lung depends upon the liquid a person is using. Vaping is the best alternative option for people who don’t like smoking. If you want to try a vaping method and wish to switch smoking into vaping, then you must know the two most popular ways of vaping i,e., MTL and DTL. You can find varieties of vaping products at Green Relief, from vape mods to its accessories, by which your vaping experience becomes more interesting. 

Let discuss the different style of vaping briefly-

You can find various flavors of vaping with different vaping juices to get the best experience of it. Vaping is a method that has become very popular, and it is safer than smoking; many people switched from smoking to vaping. 


What is MTL?

MTL is mouth to lung, a vaping style that means inhaling by filling in the mouth with vape before inhaling into lungs. It is unlike taking a puff of a cigarette and drinking with a straw. 

In the process of MTL vaping style, people inhale the vapor in the mouth, collect it and then breathe it into the lungs. 

Smokers also use the MTL style for smoking; that’s why vaping is also known as E-cigarettes. Vaping method has become more effective than smoking cigarettes; many people enjoy the MTL style of vaping.


What is DTL?

DTL style of vaping is direct to the lung vaping method; it is pretty tricky than MTL. It is more prevalent in intermediate and advanced vaping methods. It involves the process of taking vapor directly into the lungs without filling or collecting it in the mouth first. DTL is in trend because it is more satisfying as it goes directly into the lungs. So the amount of vapor is consumed more in DTL vaping style. It passes a high amount of nicotine to the lungs; that’s why high nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are generally inadvisable for vaping methods. It gives the sensation of warmth and lung-fullness to the consumers. 


MTL vs. DTL, which is better?

You can find some factors involved in both mouths to lung and direct to lung vaping styles, which can help a person decide better which option is best for them. In MTL, a person gets the feeling of a better throat hit than DTL, which stimulates the sensations that a smoker feels in smoking. Various tools and mods are available at online sites like GreenRelief, which can make your vaping process more interesting if you are new to vaping. 

MTL makes the e-liquid last longer than the DTL style; it is considered similar to smoking. To have a great vaping experience use MTL because it is known as the best way to vape. If you are a beginner in vaping, then try MTL, as it is the best option for the new person. 



MTL and DTL are the two different vaping styles, in which the process of vaping in MTL is precisely similar to smoking. Vaping method has become very popular nowadays because many people switch from smoking to vaping. You can get the tools and equipment for vaping on many websites, making the vaping process more enjoyable. 


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