Mobile App Development and Business: Reasons They Go Hand In Hand

mobile app development

With over 23 million app developers around the globe, mobile application has become a business in itself. However, since the creation of smartphone apps, they have garnered endorsement by huge numbers of business owners and corporations around the globe. According to the projection of many studies, mobile application development stands composed to hit the 100 Billion dollar mark this year.

In limited amount of time, mobile phones have grown up from being a mere communication tool, to an undeniable device that has become one of the key aspects of everyday life. Just like almost every other facet of life around the globe, mobile phones have affected, and in many ways, elevated the business and businesspersons’ approach to conducting trade. Nevertheless, mobile phone applications have made businesses around the world easier, and continues inaugurating new markets and reach new heights.

1: Accessibility and Outreach

A few years ago, many new business start-ups will not even dream of the approachable numbers that the age of mobile application provides them. According to some calculations, over 3.5 billion of the world’s population uses smartphones. Apart from the remarkable possible outreach, it also provides a large number of possible affiliations as in-app advertisements and purchases are viable options to generate revenue.

Accessibility aspects of mobile phone applications are countless, and reaching your customers/buyers through notifications and in app pings are two of the major facets of convenience. An application is your representative in any mobile phone that has downloaded your application.

2: Smooth Transactions

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine sitting at home, looking through a list of goods, and then ordering it as it shows up on your doorstep the next day. Mobile phone applications have made transactions precisely easy and smooth.

In result, it increases customer value and provides you various options through which you can deliver loyalty rewards to your customer. Not only will this increase customer faithfulness, but also give your brand a reputation of giving and rewarding.

Considering the variety of digital marketing through ads on Facebook, in-app coupons, and direct email marketing, businesses can sometimes struggle with grasping their customers. Digital application provides just the solution to that is an app remains with your customer or buyers and you can keep them updated about your changes, upgrades and new arrivals, etc.

3: Brand Identity And Awareness

Mobile phone applications are remarkable tools when it comes to creating a brand identity. A brand with a mobile phone application does not only stand out in a crowded world of digital market, but also solidifies its authenticity among users and buyers. In current age, statistics prove that people are more likely to buy from a brand that has a digital and social media presence.

Another benefit of an application is the awareness it can spread about your brand. A mobile phone application is your blank canvas, and it depends on you how you paint it. You can create app like Uber, that is not just synonymous with its unmatched navigational capabilities, but it also stands out with its unique icons, user experience and payment methods.

If you are just getting started with your business then it is a good time to get an application for your business, as mobile apps are not that common among small businesses. A business with a digital app does not just leap over competition, but it also makes it stand out in a packed world of e-commerce.

4: Better Connectivity with Customers

The central idea of customer service is more than just smiling faces greeting your customers, it is providing customers the ability to reach you whenever they deem necessary. Mobile applications have made the provision of different customer care and services possible. Impeccable and uninterruptible customer care is widely considered the sole purpose of a brand or business’ mobile presence.

A mobile phone app does not only allow your customer to stay connected with you round the clock, it also enables you to keep them updated. With the use of notifications and upgrades, your customers or buyers are subject to receive news, and notifications about major changes, or new arrivals.

5: Increased Profits

The benefit of mobile applications are not just limited to customer care or services, as a successful mobile phone app can also reaps rewards for you. For example, if users download your application just for ‘digital window shopping’, then your downloads are also earning you a small fortune through appstores.


The benefits of mobile applications for businesses of all kind are too many to count. In conclusion, mobile phone applications have not only increased profits for brands and businesses; they have also helped launch new businesses to higher levels. A mobile phone app can open countless doors for your business, and deliver endless possibilities.


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