Mexican Train: How To Play


The Mexican train is a dominos game that gets its name from the optional train that all players can play on or own; it is called the Mexican train. Play your dominoes on our train, other players’ trains, or the Mexican train to be the first player to discard all of your dominoes. Various versions of the game are available, but this article discusses the standard version. Players can compete in up to eight rounds.

91 dominoes are needed to play Mexican train. Double twelve dominos are usually used. While it is easier to match colored dominoes when building trains because each number has its own color, plain black dots work just as well. dragon age inquisition mods Other components are also required.

  • Center Piece: Each player will need to create a center piece that serves as the “hub” where all the domino lines come from and where the double domino for that round is located.
  • To signal that a player’s “train” is up,
  •  a marker must be used. Any object, such as a penny, quarter, colored playing chips, or pieces from another board game, such as monopoly, can serve as a marker. Make sure each player has their own marker.

Preparation:Each person draws 12 dominoes with a marker. Each player develops a plan for how he or she wants to start and follow their turns.

  • The remaining dominoes are put in a draw pile.
  • It is the player to the left of the player with the highest double who goes first.

First Turn: During the first turn, players must play a domino that matches the round’s double. how to install blade and sorcery mods If they do not have it, the round will end. They must put their train up if they are still unable to play. After they have started their own line, other players can start their line for them the next turn.

The Basics: Each round begins with a double domino; the first round begins with the double twelve. Afterwards, you play double elevens and so on until round thirteen, where you play a double zero.

  • Each domino’s end must be matched up with the same number for the game to begin. A one matches a one, and so on.
  • Once the Mexican train has been started, players can only play on their line.
  • In the absence of a matching domino, the player must draw. It is mandatory for them to put their train up if they are still unable to play after drawing.
  • Until a player is able to take down their marker after putting up their train, other players can play on their line.
  • Players can take their markers down as soon as they are able to play on their own line again; they draw once each round until they are able to play on their own line.
  • As long as players have their marker up, they can play on the Mexican train, but they cannot take it down until they play on their own line. There is no need for them to draw if they can play on the Mexican train.
  • When a player has their marker up, he or she can still play on the lines of other players, but must leave the marker on their own line until they return to their own.
  • A double must be satisfied by another domino that matches. minedraft If the player who played the domino cannot satisfy it, then they draw and other players try to fulfill it. They draw a domino if they cannot satisfy it and place their marker. They can play on their own line again after the double is satisfied and the train stays up until the next round.
  • Mexico’s train starts after the first turn. Starting with a matching domino to the round’s double is the only way to begin the round.


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