What is Metabo and what are its Tools?


Metabo tools are for experts who request dependable, rock-solid tools that fill in as hard as they do-tools they can be kept faith in for a long time, which is actually why Metabo’s centre subject is “the point at which it makes a difference.”

You can keep faith that Metabo’s tools as Metabo Official Distributor UAE and also in other places will assist you in taking care of work in the right manner. Metabo remembers the client, and therefore, their tools are planned and made to bring you the greatest viability, proficiency, and price saving.

From its Ultra-M battery innovation to keyless tool changes, Metabo conveys a definitive line of expert and modern industrial tools.

Tools for Building and Construction Business

Metabo has a collection of power tools, cordless tools, and many other solutions for dustless prep, drilling, screw driving, cutting, grinding, and sawing. Their construction tools focus on the accompanying applications:

  • material,
  • carpentry,
  • confining,
  • dividers/exteriors,
  • drywall development,
  • and ground surface establishment.

The line additionally incorporates an OSHA Table 1 agreeable vacuum that associates with your Metabo power apparatuses, protecting you from silica dust.

Regardless of whether you’re rebuilding, remodelling, or constructing fresh out of the box new, Metabo has tools to support you with the taking care of your work.

Tools for Metalworking Business

Metabo likewise offers a full line of metalworking tools for drilling, cutting, crushing, grinding, and sawing. Metabo’s metalworking tools are perfect for metal making, and industrial preservation applications including mechanical designing, shipyards, refineries, vehicle development, pipelines, and force plants.

Battery Technology

Metabo’s cordless tool use the Ultra-M 18V LiHD high-thickness battery method. Ultra-M batteries utilize lithium-ion battery system which offers max power, and long runtimes while staying lightweight.

Something different we acknowledge about Ultra-M batteries is how the battery pack, cordless tools, and charger flawlessly convey, guaranteeing proficient and safe battery utilization.

The Ultra-M batteries are good between power tools in a similar line, which Metabo calls, “Blend + Pix.” Main concern: you don’t need to haul around all sets of batteries.

Metabo HPT Product

It’s what makes Metabo HPT items greater in plan and toughness. From its introduction to the world, Metabo HPT has spearheaded inventive innovations that have improved lives the world over.

This information is shared overall Metabo HPT divisions worldwide and is combined into applications that advantage various items. Metabo HPT plans inventive and sturdy items for geniuses that request more.


Solidness is a foundation of the Metabo HPT brand. For more than 70 years, we have designed tools for most of the difficult places of work.

We see indication daily with a few of our tool returning for the services that were sold 20 years back! The innovation we join and the assurance to create only the best is obvious in the life expectancy and life span of Metabo HPT tools.


It isn’t normal to see Metabo HPT invention on places of work all through the nation. Metabo HPT has brought to showcase invention, for example:

  1. Slide Miter Saw — Most expert places of work require a sliding mitre saw to deal with all applications.
  2. Cordless Power Driver — Making a power driver cordless was a distinct advantage for the place of work.
  3. Cylinder Drive System in our Nailers — Increases speed and solidness which is the reason Metabo HPT nailers are so exceptionally looked for after for the advanced place of work.
  4.  MultiVolt — The initial power tool stage to be double fuelled. Force each tool either with a 36V battery or AC connector.
    UVP — User vibration protection provides an important decrease in vibration taking into consideration less exhaustion.
  5. Adding a 3rd iron block to Impact Driver — By enhancing a 3rd iron block clients experience increment beats every moment taking into consideration quicker work with less exertion.


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