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Since ancient times, man has used nature to improve his health in a natural way using all kinds of medicinal plants and making all kinds of recipes for home remedies for the body, mind, and even beauty. Thus initiating the human being natural medicine to solve their health and aesthetic problems, which they took from the earth, plants, vegetables, fruits, water, animals, and everything that nature could provide.

Thanks to advances in science, medicine has managed to provide thousands of ways to cure diseases and symptoms that complicate people’s lives. There is no doubt that chemistry, physics, and experiments are an essential part of society’s health.

However, there is another area that deserves credit for its sound effects: natural medicine. Even today, many people opt for this option that offers a free alternative to the additives that contain syrups or pills.

Natural medicine includes many plants that have healing properties, much praised and recognized by science. Generally, they are consumed in the form of teas or macerated as ointments. Its consumption or application guarantees quick healings and very few side effects.

Here, a list of the most used medicinal plants and their many benefits.

Aloe Vera

It is known by various popular names like aloe Vera, for example. It is a plant that is characterized by its broad green branches, with thorny edges. Its crystal has high properties to heal and refresh, as well as it is used for masks that prevent wrinkles and provides hydration to the skin.

Among its other uses, it is as part of shakes that seek to prevent constipation.


Joint pains, bumps or bruises, sprains or bruises? All of that can be alleviated thanks to arnica. This plant is one of the most used worldwide, thanks to its analgesic properties. A preparation is made with the macerated leaves, together with some oil. It is applied, and soon the improvements are seen.


Perhaps the grandmothers are the ones who take the most infusions based on this flower native to Europe and part of India. It is an excellent adjuvant in treating stomach upset and relieving inflammation caused by blows.


It is one of the most used plants in relaxing massages because it is attributed to soothing properties. It is also worth noting that the garden or patio will look beautiful once this shrub blooms: its purple derivatives are a natural spectacle.


It is used to prepare products that control the appearance of dandruff, as a mosquito repellent, and reduce inflammation of bumps or bruises. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most widely recognized medicinal plants worldwide.


To relieve nasal congestion, nothing like a peppermint tea. Also, it provides analgesic, digestive, and even antiseptic benefits. For centuries, it has been a fundamental part of naturopathic medicine.


Both the root and the leaves of this plant are very well used to treat constipation or liver diseases. Some infusions with this bush provide a feeling of relief in the digestive system, so it is a must at home.


Although many are afraid of it because some types cause hives, this shrub has been shown to improve circulation and provide enough minerals for health. It grows abundantly, so it can also be used to decorate open spaces.


As previously mentioned, garlic has a significant component that makes it one of the most effective natural remedies in the fight against flu, colds, and viral diseases. It never lacks in mothers ‘and grandmothers’ kitchens, for an excellent reason. Fildena 100mg and Super p Force Better Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Decay, tiredness? Good calendula tea can be the solution to feeling more energetic. It is a shrub that is easily cultivated and is an excellent ally in naturopathic medicine.


It is used a lot in the preparation of dishes, but the truth is that it has multiple health benefits as an anti-inflammatory and to control vomiting and nausea. Evidence has also been found that relates it too cures for flu and hoarseness.


Asthma, bronchitis, and flu can be effectively treated with the eucalyptus plant. It has a quite peculiar aroma, and its properties stand out for its action in the control of respiratory diseases. Likewise, antimicrobial and expectorant components have been found.

Likewise, those who have high blood sugar levels can drink teas from this bush and see positive results quickly. Another group usually uses it as a complement in personal hygiene.


The ideal expectorant is in the thyme components, which have a close relationship with the antioxidant and antiseptic action. Experts assure that this plant also contains vitamin C, magnesium, and iron, excellent for providing health.

Centuries ago, thyme was the main ingredient for healing severe wounds and giving strength to hair and having healthy skin.

Ginkgo Biloba

For good memory, concentration, and blood circulation, Ginkgo biloba is the necessary natural medicine. It has become one of the main components in the development of drugs for good cognitive health.


It is one of the favorite spices in food preparation because it has a distinctive and delicious flavor. But also, components have been found that are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antihistamines.

Thus, cramps, stomach aches, and respiratory problems, as well as headaches, are successfully treated thanks to oregano teas.


When there are fatigue and listlessness, ginseng comes to the rescue because it contributes to providing energy to those who generally have routines with many activities. Blood pressure is significantly lowered, the immune system is boosted, and health is better.


Probably, sandalwood has been read within the ingredients of beauty products. And of course, it also has other health benefits, such as wound disinfection due to its antiseptic properties.


It has been related negatively, but the truth is that poppy has some components that help reduce severe pain. It is so crucial within traditional medicine that it is one of the ingredients in making drugs such as morphine and codeine.

Important Benefits

In all these years, specialists and scholars of medicinal plants have revealed more and more properties. Indeed, most of them do not have serious side effects, but it is necessary to make the exception of taking the precautions of the case, each one in particular.



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