Masks: Staying Stylish & Safe in 2020


Over the past few decades ‘safety’ hasn’t been a word commonly associated with Fashion. Nobody had to stop and think if their ensemble would put their life at risk or do enough to protect them from the horrors outside.

Come 2020, the world at large has been forced to take a step back and really consider the safety aspect of our day-to-day outfits. Due to the current global situation, ‘outdoors’ is not a word to be taken lightly anymore and as consumers, we have to evolve from just being fashion-forward or fashion-conscious towards fashion-responsible.

An intro to Masks: Amid this wave of change, there have been a few additions to the must-have accessory list for individuals – the most prominent one being a Mask. No, we’re not talking about the superhero kind. We’re talking about the ones that protect you from inhaling pollutants and/or coming in contact with harmful microorganisms.

The Mask has become a mandatory accessory for us, but it has not taken away the spirit of self-expression from the people. From homemade cloth Masks to industry grade N95 Masks, they are available out there in a variety of patterns, colors and construction styles. Fashion brands, influencers and designers have taken it upon themselves to put their own twist on the ‘it’ accessory by blending art with utility. Based on one’s profession, occasion or need of the hour, there are almost tailor-made options available in the e-commerce space.

Basic Structure & Composition: Starting from 2-layer designs to upto 5-layered ones, Masks are available in various degrees of sturdiness and the amount of protection that they provide. The choice of fabric ranges from Cotton Jersey to other non-woven variants depending on the construction of the Mask and the fit that they want to offer. They come in both reusable and one-time use varieties.

While using the Reusable kind, make sure that you’re washing your Mask after each use. It is also mandatory that you do not share your Mask with anyone else. That defeats the whole purpose of it.

Basic Types of Masks: Even though there are innumerable types of Masks available out there, they can be broadly categorized as the following

  • Surgical Masks: The name pretty much explains itself. This is a medical grade, one-time use Mask intended for Medical professionals.
  • Cloth Masks: These are the most commonly used Masks by the general populace. The best thing about them is if you have some fabric lying around and a stitching machine handy, you can make one easily at home. So go ahead, make coordinated and matching ones for all your outfits.
  • Face Shields: Less of a Mask, more of a transparent shield, these are also mostly used by people who need to operate in a high-exposure environment. They maintain the first line of defence while allowing complete visibility.
  • Disposable Filtering Respirators: These focus more on the high performance aspect of the Mask with respect to its filtration capabilities. These are the ones that need to meet the N95 air filtration ratings and are the most effective in high-density environments.

So whether you’re going for a post-apocalyptic punk look or new-age minimalism, we’re sure you’d find the right Mask that goes with your outfit.

We know it is a pretty grim situation that we’re all in, but as human beings, we have never let that dim our creativity or individuality. So let’s move forward with a positive outlook and pledge to be responsible consumers for our safety and the well-being of our entire community.


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