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Morocco is a best special and friendly country which provides host to a multitude of amazing things to do in Marrakech, beach side towns offering hot long days on charming shores, long lost cities with big and varied history, and a varied landscape to explore, beautiful deserts to romantic honeymoon break.

Here are some of the best Marrakech tips and tricks and the best Marrakech tour packages :


Arabian is the key language spoken within the country of Morocco, but 8 other languages are also largely spoken including Berber, Spanish and French. English speaking natives are largely found around the key tourist areas, but French is most largely known.

Tipping staff

Usual tip, of 10 to 15 percent, is generally guessed in the more high class restaurants and bars, though many locations have a built in service charge, lot of services done by staff with the ultimate aim of getting higher tip.

Medical information

No vaccinations are necessary when going for Morocco. It is usually usual practice to only drink bottled water when outside key cities and towns, and rejecting food sold on street is essentials. Hospitals are in big towns and insurance is a necessary.

Moroccan laws and custom

Since Morocco is a Muslim dominated country, the showing of bare skin is generally a bad idea, so avoiding swimsuits, shorts, and other showing clothes outside of your beach or hotel, as you, especially ladies, will be less hassle. Smoking is a general hobby, and is generally shared within social conditions. It is vital that religious customs are respected for example during the Ramadan month, smoking, eating,  and drinking should be done out of sight since it is disallowed by the Muslim customs. Things should just be passed from person to person with the best hand, since the left hand is seen as unclean. Lesbian and gay are a criminal offense, and extra martial sexual relations are against the law.

Morocco safety warnings

Assault is not a big issue inside Morocco, though there have been a few cases of armed thievery with knives on big cities and beaches. General sense such as staying away from dim lit streets should keep sound and safe. Guides should be capable to show a badge from a local visitor attractions. Generally visits to Morocco are issue free, but like any country, acts of terrorism have occurred before, and visitors are suggested to keep a watchful eye on their holidays.

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