Marketing Funnel Strategies: Steps to Increase Sales in 2020


As a newcomer in the industry, you will still be in a democratic state. You may have brilliant ideas and other preparations to get your plans underway that offer you a feeling of enthusiasm and inspiration. Unfortunately, a great idea and creativity are not enough to achieve. An entrepreneur must learn the tricks of the trade to minimize the chances of a business flop. Funnel Marketing is the new tool that every marketer believes in terms of success.

Here in this article, we will discuss the important Marketing Funnel Strategies  that will help you in growing your business. The tools for funnel marketing are almost the same but the marketing strategy is a bit different for 2020 as every new year brings new challenges. You can check in terms of advancement in funnel marketing.

Marketing Funnel

This amazing concept was an idea of Elmo Lewis, which was founded in 1898.

Even though the technology has advanced a lot from the past 120+ years, this is something that is still doing wonders just because Lewis has smartly developed it.

It is used to identify the opportunities in a consumer’s journey in order to be a loyal client. Once you choose a better business model, you will have the ability to draw more potential consumers into the Action Category and build a trustworthy atmosphere among consumers. Besides, you would be able to produce more revenue over sufficient time once you have mastered a sales funnel.

The sales funneling principle is to consider how customers will produce the outcomes they want and predict for their marketing funnel strategies. This idea is rotated around it. Moreover, it is said to be a funnel because the main thing is to project-wide internet marketing by providing the best funnels in order to reach as many people as possible. As the customer most definitely would be purchasing nothing of the marketing campaigns, this community of people is getting smaller.

Funnel describes the key strategies required during the buying process as consumers always look for satisfaction. In addition to this there are several; brands offering different features at different prices and as a consumer people tend to buy the most suitable thing to the money they are investing.

On the other hand, there are some people who tend to buy whenever they need something and then there are those who buy without feeling the need of something. Understanding a consumer’s buying behavior is not easy but it can help you in building effective Marketing funnel strategies.

What is AIDA funnel?

It is one of the important marketing modules based on the buying behavior of a consumer. It is a basic sales funnel that revolves around the idea of Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Awareness: how can a consumer buy something that they are not aware of.

Interest: Once you make them aware of your service/product change it into Interest in such a way that they can’t resist.

Desire: the third stage of AIDA, that says makes sure that the interest is developed through emotional connection as this gives the desire to buy more.

Action: the final stage of AIDA, that says bring the need into reality and enjoy what you’re seeking!

This is the simplest view of a consumer’s journey and stages that buyers go through. You can use this basic sale funnel as one of the Marketing funnel strategies. All you need to do is set a target audience, make them aware of your brand, build interest, bring up the desire, and boom the action to buy it!

Moreover, you can also use the marketing funnel to generate leads at every stage of a customer’s journey and make them a loyal customer of your brand.

Marketing funnel strategies in 2020

As mentioned earlier, every year brings new challenges in every aspect of life, business, necessities, etc. In terms of marketing funnel strategies, 2020 has come up with various innovations in funnel marketing than before.

By observing the marketing criteria and consumer buying journey the principle of marketing has advanced leaving the AIDA module behind and bringing the new ACCLA module into practice. With this innovative customer life cycle, the buying stage is beyond your imagination.

This advanced funnel marketing will not only grow the customer life cycle but it will also result in generating strong sales throughout the year. The new marketing funnel strategies revolve around the idea of,

Awareness: how can a consumer buy something that they are not aware of.

Consideration: this stage is about how a consumer can develop an interest in your business and whether the offer is worth considering or not.

Conversion: this marketing module says, converting the considering into action of buying as you want as many people as possible.

Loyalty: a customer’s loyalty is like a core aspect to keep them engaged by your service for any type of business. You can keep the consumer stick by your side by giving them the best of yourself! This is because it is human nature that they get bored easily and want to explore something new after some time. So keep bringing innovations in your business.

Advocacy:  this is the final stage of the new marketing funnel strategies which says after maintaining a strong relationship with your customers you need to take this to another level. The idea of this phase is to recommend the business to other potential buyers as being a loyal customer.

It’s not the end here, as there are a lot of things rather than buying and you can add as many stages as you want in the funnel by observing the new needs or requirements in a consumer’s journey. You can expand your marketing funnel strategies from time to time when required by identifying new opportunities.

Steps to increase sales in 2020

Moving forward with the detailed benefits of the above mentioned ACCLA module that will help you in building effective marketing funnel strategies and expanding your sales growth.

1. Awareness

The first stage is to make the consumer aware of your brand/product/service in a very engaging way as it is the best way to capture a consumer’s attention. The most important thing for any business is to study the requirement of the consumer of that time and the audience they are targeting. This is how a provider(service/product) is being aware of its seeker(customer). Both the buyer and the seller must be aware of each other’s necessities.

Once you are aware of the audience you are targeting and what are their requirements then you can project two most effective marketing funnel strategies  to reach your audience,

  • Inbound marketing
  • Outbound marketing

Inbound marketing: urges a consumer to buy from you where outbound marketing expands your service/message through advertisements. It depends upon you how you want to deal with your audience, focus on one, or mix both of them! But we would recommend you inbound marketing as outbound marketing is more expensive than that. But if you have a good budget then you can always choose outbound marketing.

Content is a very easy and effective way for digital marketers as there are very few of them that go for outbound marketing. Moreover, it is observed that spreading your content is more effective as compared to outbound marketing. A few of inbound marketing includes,

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • SEO

Blog posts are one of the effective funnel marketing strategies that offer various educational articles to the related interest of your target audience. They are designed to give information and ideas related to your industry. This helps in showcasing the ideas, expertise, and guidelines about your business and building a brand that will target the audience.

Infographics are the visual representation of your business that engagingly portray your work. It attracts the consumer to your website by providing them the information they need.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is a very effective technique for digital marketers to rank their content the highest in search engines wherever the audience searches for a keyword that describes your content.

2. Consideration

There are so many ways through which you can expand the idea of your business in such a way that consumers would love to consider it. Make sure that you give them the most of you so that you can have more potential buyers. The marketing funnel strategies in this stage are focused on educating the buyer about the brand/service/product that best serves their needs. It includes the following aspects,

  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Case studies

3. Conversion

This phase is all about transforming the idea of considering buying. You must keep the target audience engaged by your brand so that you can have a lot of potential buyers. We understand it is challenging to drag a mind in such circumstances but you can do this with the help of,

  • Incentives
  • Eliminating friction

4. Loyalty

It is a very important thing to maintain good customer relationships by keeping their needs in mind and giving them the most suitable alternative for their needs. This is one of the important marketing funnel strategies which can be done by,

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Loyalty programs

5. Advocacy

 Every business needs to provide something worth taking to grow their sales. These Marketing funnel strategies are very effective ways to increase your sales at a good revenue. This phase is when a customer is happy with your service and starts recommending other people who are in search of something like that.

You can advocate for consumers by using,

  • Business improvements
  • Referral programs
  • Surveys


Having said that, the guide to the Funnel marketing strategies came to an end. We hope that the analysis we have done was beneficial for you. For more guides like this do contact us as we truly value your feedback!


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