Market Your Curbside Pickup Amidst the Recovery of Pandemic

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In case you have adopted the curbside pick system recently. You must advertise this to potential customers. The display banners or sidewalk signs have been used traditionally apart from the other form of print advertisements. However, they have a limited audience, and not everyone pays attention to these advertisements.

The digital mediums have bombarded several options to promote a business online. In this regard, the digital marketing services for restaurants have become quite popular to edge ahead in the stiff competition. People are available online, so does the advertisement.  

The businesses, for instance, the restaurants, rely on local advertising.

However, the search giant Google has already introduced a variety of options to advertise a local business to potential customers.

1. Google My Business

Google offers the listing of your business to appear on the first page of results.

However, this is a whole concept to comprehend, which is known as the snack pack results, the three search results appear under a map and above the organic results for the particular keyword. Now, the question arises here: how does this method of local SEO works.

Google offers the service to list your details. Though, it requires a proper strategy to show up in the snack pack results. We bring these few steps to follow:

A. Look For A Valuable Keyword

As we know, a keyword is a phrase or word that is searched by users. The keyword renders its significance in digital marketing techniques through search engines.

The keyword research is the foundation of making your business visible over the search pages. Digital marketing for restaurants in Canada needs to be worked with keywords that possess high value in terms of volume. 

However, there are many ways as well as tools to explore the keywords that are trending at the moment. Google has a keyword planner. Anyone with a valid account can access the service for free. Besides, there is a whole set of insights about the search volumes and the level of competition.

Once the keywords identified, next is setting up the GMB (Google My Business account)

B. Optimizing For Google My Business

Google offers a free profile for your business that appears with the map and the organic results when searched with a relevant keyword.

However, it requires several details to display over the search result page.

Follow these steps to understand the whole process of Google My Business listing process.

  • Provide a business name to Google; if you have an existing one, you can utilize it.
  • Add the complete address to your business.
  • You can use the Google Maps PinPoint to locate the exact address.
  • A business should have a category associated with it.
  • Enter your phone number and website if you have any.
  • Once these necessary steps are done, you should verify your details before making the listing live.

Besides, there is a whole list of additional details that can be provided to Google My Business. You can add some photos of your business with a complete description of the business, and information about the working hours, etc. You can opt for digital marketing services for restaurants for a piece of professional advice.

2. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization also works for local advertisements. It requires placing a keyword in the H1 for your content, in the title tag, and adding crispy Meta descriptions for each of a website’s pages.

3. Insert Schema MarkUp

Schema can be understood as an additional piece of code that helps search providers to produce organic results with other information. The supplementary star under organic results is an example of schema markup and is quite helpful in grabbing users’ attention.

However, the schema provides the information-rich results. In the case of a local advertisement, the additional details help the business to generate lead conversion.

4. Social Media Marketing

Have you ever thought about the possibility that social media can provide? The people have been available and are networking with each other never before, which admires digital marketing for restaurants in Canada.

However, the social media giant such as Facebook enables businesses to set up their pages. With some fantastic content, the page works as a source of engagement. You can utilize interactive ideas such as quizzes and games to lure potential customers.


Digital marketing offers a variety of advertisement options while keeping an eye on the cost. Advertising digitally has emerged as a viable source.


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