Malaysian Traditional Dress Recommendations for Men and Women


People who want to dress in Malaysian traditional dress for men or traditional dress for women have many exciting and colorful choices available to them, according to

For men from the Malay culture, traditional Malay clothing is called the baju Melayu, which is a loose tunic worn over loose pants. It may be accompanied by a sarong known as a sampkin. That piece of clothing is worn around the hips. It may be paired with a songkok, also known as a cap.

For women, they usually wear baju kurung. This is a blouse that is knee-length that the woman wears over a long dress. The blouse is collarless with long sleeves. The skirt also called a kain, features pleats on one side. Some women will wear a headscarf with this ensemble.

Another popular clothing item for women is the kebaya, which is a two-piece dress that fits more tightly around the hips and legs; this is usually thought to be less formal attire. For example, the kebaya is worn by female flight attendants on Malaysia Airlines.

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Before Islam was widely embraced in Malaysia, women often wore the kemban, which is a sarong that is tied above the chest.

For women in Malaysia with a Chinese background, the most common form of dress is the cheongsam. This is a one-piece skirt with a collar that is high on the neck. It features slits on the left and right and is usually made from silk. The cheongsam is popular during Chinese New Year and other holidays and formal gatherings. Older women who are highly respected often wear a samfoo. This item resembles pajamas that have a separate loose top that is fastened and is ankle length.

Men in Malaysia with a Chinese background often wear a short-sleeved shirt that is worn outside the pants. The trousers are light in weight and they also wear comfortable sandals.


Women of Indian descent in Malaysia wear a saree. This is a long piece of cloth that is worn with an undergarment of the same shade. You wrap it around your body so that the end that is embroidered will hang over your shoulder. The Punjabi Salwar kameez is often worn by women in northern India. It is made from the highest quality silk.

For men, on formal occasions, they wear a kurta, which is a shirt that is knee-length that is made from linen or cotton. Indian men in Malaysia also wear a Lungi, Sherwani, or Dhoti, which are a garment resembling a coat that is worn close to the man’s body.

Now that you have a better grasp of the types of dress for women and men in Malaysia, you can visit and select the clothing that appeals to you the most.


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