Make your Rental Property Standout with These Pro-Tips!


If you have a vacant basement and probably used as a dark store, you will be shocked how you can turn it into a profitable unit by renovating it and letting it out on rent. But getting people’s interest in your basement apartment is a matter of knowing how to highlight it and show it off for its true potential. Here are some pro tips:

Revamp the Space and Stage It to Show Its Potential

Most people imagine a basement apartment to be a cold, dark space abandoned for a long time. You can change this perspective by showing it off as a cosy and welcoming space through revamping and renovation. You can try installing a separate entrance to make it look fully independent and a finished apartment. Redoing the floors, changing regular flooring to carpet or wood can make space feel warmer. Another vital thing is improved lighting to make space feel brighter. Stage the room with a piece of modern furniture to keep it spacious yet lively.

Fix Online Listings

The internet is the best source to show off and market your basement apartment. Ensure that your internet listing is practical and informative. Advertisements are the right way to find tenants quickly. You can also rely on listing on social media and have people checking your timelines for renting and leasing apartments. While writing the ad copy, highlight the basement apartment’s best things, upgrades like flooring or furnishing. Highlight the local amenities, access to yard or pool etc., to catch the eyes! List how far is the supermarket, the hospital, public park or the nearest bus stop. Such specification makes an impact on listings. Don’t forget to state how transparent the deal is by stating the requirement for a rental lease agreement Colorado.

Add an Attention-Grabbing Caption

The caption of your ad should deliver the message concisely yet wholly. Give them numbers, rent, security deposit, location, contact, etc. Include the number of bedrooms, baths, the kitchen layout, dimensions to keep the audience’s eyes engaged in your ad. The more informative it is, the higher are the chances that the reading turns into an in-person visit!

Include One or More Quality Photos

The worst thing about newspaper ads is they don’t contain pictures. Take your advantage and attach clear pictures highlighting the best parts of the property along with the listings. Tenants prefer to have a look at the images before paying a visit to the property. A study shows people won’t even call about an ad if it doesn’t include pictures of the premises. So, make sure you include at least one photo of the kitchen and the bathroom or bathrooms, living area and at least one bedroom as a necessity. Make sure you capture high-quality images in good lighting to register that appeal!

Mention Local Highlights

While we’re almost at the end of the list, make sure you list everything you can. Potential renters wish to know about how fun and lively the place will be for them. Make that easy for tenants by highlighting local attractions. Be it community events or activities, like hiking, don’t miss to mention anything. Public avenues like local gyms, sports clubs or professional sports communities appeal to active people. Give them ample reasons to choose from. Make a choice easy for them by telling them just how much your apartment’s location has to offer.

Lastly, when you choose to schedule a visit to the property, make sure the tenant gets everything listed on your ad listings. If you require to have a Colorado residential lease agreement for FREE, Click Here!


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