Make your Immune system strong with Organic Products and Nutrition


To increase our immune defenses, we must first start with nutrition. Few but effective rules at the table could safeguard us from the risk of ailments, such as:

  • Do not neglect a diet as balanced as possible in this season of transition from hot to cold weather: vitamins at will be the shield against the most common ailments. Ok then to fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Remembering to complete every meal with a portion of vegetables is a good habit all year round, and it is even more so when you need to help your immune system;
  • Excellent juices of citrus in this period: help to reach the daily requirement of vitamin C, favor the ‘ iron absorption and prevent colds and sore throats. Even a food supplement at this stage can help you be in better shape. Peppers, spinach, broccoli and kiwis are, in addition to citrus fruits, a good source of the best known vitamin.
  • Ayurvedic and herbal organic products like Organic Banana Powder, Organic mango powder or many other organic products made with fruits are also suggested to improve the immune system because they have no side-effects and made with 100% organic product.
  • Even the vitamin D is important in the fall to reinforcement the immune system, as well as for bone health. When the sunny hours of the day are reduced, the body may need to supplement the dose of vitamin D with other sources besides natural light. Dairy products and blue fish are good , but also eggs and green leafy vegetables;
  • Trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the warm sunny days is in this regard a great way to strengthen our immune system, as long as we take the right precautions for the skin against UV rays and against thermal changes;
  • Do not forget also vitamin A (dandelion is rich in it), a powerful antioxidant, and vitamin B, which helps the metabolism and protects hair, skin and eyes.

What are the precautions?

To strengthen the immune system, in addition to taking care of nutrition, it is also important to take care of yourself with a few more precautions than usual.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol;
  • Trying to reduce stress as much as possible is essential. Stress weakens mentally and physically; when you are stressed you are more easily exposed to disease. To avoid this risk it is useful to work on the conditions that contribute to undermine our well-being;
  • Cover yourself properly, but don’t go overboard. A scarf in front of the mouth could help, for example, to warm the air that enters before it reaches the trachea and bronchi;
  • Playing sports; sport is a great ally of the immune system, it strengthens the body in every season hand in hand with correct nutrition such as organic mango powder.
  • Sleeping more (maybe going to bed a little earlier in the evening): in summers, you are more prone to tiredness and drowsiness. It is important not to ignore these signs of our body and its invitation to slow down, following more the natural rhythms of the season.


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