Make friends with chocolates on your periods this month!


Chocolates are extremely yummy at any time of the day but if you are experiencing your periods then they bring about a certain satiety, unavailable in anything else. This is the time of your greatest discomfort, as a woman, and you deserve something nice to help you sail through the time. A lot of progesterone Is released by the body during this time which creates a nice and big appetite. Studies have revealed that dark chocolate bars contain more than 60% of the iron needed by your body in a day. You will also find more than 50% of recommended dietary allowance for magnesium in the same 100-gram bar. So, it can be said than chocolate and pms are quite closely linked.

But there are more reasons related to pms which safeguards your right to munch on chocolates during those days.

  • The huge amount of magnesium contained in the chocolates ensures relief from the cramping pain. The continuous cramps create spams in your body which can be soothed by the consumption of some chocolate. As the muscles relax you feel more comforted.
  • During periods, the discomfort, pain and agony makes your unhappy. The mood swings can be quite irritating. However, research shows that serotonin is a component found in dark chocolate which can alleviate the mood. It produces endorphins which make people happy. Therefore, a bit of chocolate now and then can actually keep you in a happier state of mind.
  • You also seem to be a bit low on the energy front during this time. As the iron content in the body reduces, you have lesser amount of oxygen and hence lethargy is inevitable. So, a bit of sugary sweetness can make you feel more energetic.
  • Sore muscles are also inevitable during this time. Your abdomen, thigs and hips feel very painful as you continue through the day. Eating a cube of chocolate can help in reducing the soreness because of the magnesium content in the chocolate. Relaxation of the muscles is very important for feeling relaxed. It also helps in focussing on your work and continuing with normal life. In fact, it is better to have dark chocolate rather than the regular milk ones. These contains enhanced levels of magnesium which is effective in taking away the painful muscle cramps.
  • Women often feel bloated during their periods. The potassium content found in the dark chocolates help in creating a water balance in the body which makes the body comfortable.
  • Periods also cause pimples in many women. Chocolates are supposed to make it worse. But that should not be the case if you opt for dark chocolates. In limited portions, the dark chocolate can actually do a lot of good to your skin.

There are various kinds of period care chocolate online. Simply, choose the one which match your taste and start-off. However, remember that moderation is the key to maintaining everything. If you indulge too much in your chocolaty week you might have to hit the gym to shed the extra fat you gain.


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