Magnificent and Rare Blue Diamond


The earth’s crust has countless natural and dazzling items that are yet to be discovered. But those that we have seen have taken our breath away with the stunning outlook. Such an object is the blue diamond found in deep and limited areas. So, they are very rare to be seen or used.

Although sapphire is also a blue gemstone, the blue diamond has a unique shape and a blue-colored body. Due to the minerals in them, they appear so clear and blue as ideal and valuable gems. Unfortunately, such a stunning natural resource is only found in a few mines. In addition, they are made in a limited number as well in a year. Usually, the boron causes the lattice to make the diamond look blue. To make them more abundant, some lab diamonds London Manchester are given blue color artificially to resemble the natural ones.

The shades given out are in different varieties as well perhaps for the wavelength from the emitted light on the gemstone. But it also contains other elements than carbon or may lack some atoms that would have given the colorless form. Some amounts of nitrogen can also be the impurity for the rich blue color. So, we can be sure that these are found deep in the ocean surfaces close to the lower mantle. The ocean water may also contribute to this color.

Such a stunning gemstone is worth preservation. So, many organizations have collected these from the mines and saved them in various archived areas. Besides, these diamonds have been tested and given GIA certification with the color grade as fancy blue with outstanding clarity prevalent in all types of diamonds. Due to the preservation, the owners can also find the profit and value of them for the increasing popularity. Since they aren’t found easily, the prices are very expensive per carat.

Today, some regular ones that are colorless and pure are treated with other secondary colors to give the dazzling blue color. Irradiation and high-pressure high-temperature are used for giving the color artificially. Although they won’t be natural, they are more affordable and retain the color for years. Some of them are given a thin coating like the diamonds are grown in a laboratory. Unlike these artificial ones, the coating will wear out after some time with abrasions. Apart from the making conditions, these are exposed to boron for the blue color.

Perhaps, these were discovered by ancient royals and kept as a symbol of wealth and elegance. Among all of the types found, the French Blue was very famous and beautiful. The rich and royal women in those times used these gemstones in their jewellery. This trend has evolved over the years.

Since this is a natural object, it needs to be sustained and protected. Besides, we need to ensure that the mining is ethical and won’t cause much harm to the environment. It is better to get artificially made ones that are cheaper and long-lasting and keeping the natural ones reserved.


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