How to use Magento 2 Gift Card Extension in E-commerce business to grow your sales?

magento-2 Gift-Card

Gift Card is one of the pleasant products to sell, receive, and purchase! Whoever sells it, get the advance payment for their unsold things. Whoever purchased it, saves the fuel, time, and efforts to find or thinks about the right thing to gift someone. And whoever so receives it is lucky enough that they didn’t receive the unwanted thing.

Digital Gift card is a kind of voucher that can be redeemed on online purchase or in any in-store sales. Nowadays gifts-card come with multiple delivery options like email or via post, flexible gift amount, and many other things.

Gift Card is now considered as an effective tool to boost sales for eCommerce merchants. As per facts, more than 75% of online customers have accepted that the gift cards are the saviors during the online purchase in the holiday season. So looking at all this, MageAnts has come up with Magento 2 Gift Card Extension with all the required features and functionalities that will help Magento Merchants to make their e-store more advance and flexible.

MageAnts Magento 2 Gift Card helps merchants to create unlimited gift cards and send them to their customers which directly helps in increasing conversion rates and boost online sales. Customers can simply purchase these gift cards and share with friends and family via email and redeem the card.

MageAnts Gift Card extension for Magento 2 is one of the best tools to draw customers as it allows store owners to create gift card templates and add for customers to purchase. Customers are even allowed to customize the template as required and purchase the same. Additionally, admin can control the multiple things related to gift cards such as template selection that needs to be sent in gift card, the validity period of card, add discount %, etc. Admin can also notify their customers about gift card expiration.

Full Feature List:

  • Create unlimited gift card templates.
  • Admin can customize the gift cards as required.
  • Easily track all the purchased gift cards and manage them accordingly.
  • Ability to attach a custom message with a gift card
  • Send a card via email or print out
  • Customers will be updated by admin about run timely promotions.
  • Admin can also set the amount range for gift cards to be priced at.
  • Customers can also customize the card as required.
  • For better performance, there are automated code generation and management systems.
  • Category-specific gift cards can also be generated using this extension.
  • Option to choose the required time zones for customers for better accuracy.
  • Customers will be notified about the gift card expiration date.
  • To create custom templates customers can upload their pictures.
  • Customers can also have an option to purchase a gift card with their own prices.

Advantages of Gift Card & Voucher Extension for Magento 2 by MageAnts

  • We have identified that the gift voucher is one of the best options to offer a gift to the loved ones which makes it flexible for the gift card receiver to purchase whatever they wish and this is cost-effective also. Also, the sales of gift cards are higher during the holiday season which directly boosts the overall revenue of the store during the holiday season.
  • Another key feature of this extension is that it allows the store admin to customize the design of gift cards as per their need, customize the layout, content, images, expiry date etc. So this helps admin to design the gift card as per the holiday season, festival, or any other occasion.
  • Allows admin to create unlimited gift card templates to make it easy for customers to just select the template and purchase it. Add the code set and manage the same via back end admin panel like code set title, code pattern, code quantity, etc. Admin also has an option to add some unique templates by adding new fonts, images, or backgrounds for better presentation and attract more customers.
  • Another great feature of Magento 2 Gift card extension is that admin can create the gift cards for the specific product category. For example, if the admin wants to create gift cards applicable just for the cloth section, then while configuring the gift card option admin can select the cloth category.
  • Time Zone feature is one of the beneficial features for the customers because it allows them to select the time zone as required and receive the email on their selected time zone without having an issue.

Installation & Configuration:

The installation process is very easy. You need to purchase the MageAnts gift card extension and download the zip file of source code. You can install the extension in two ways:

  • Using Command Line
  • Install the extension manually

Once the installation process done you can login to the admin panel and proceed with the configuration process.

General Settings:

  • Enable / Disable the gift card module.

Gift Card Options:

  • Lifetime
  • Discount Percentage
  • Message
  • Customer permission
  • Delivery date
  • Notification

Code Set Options

  • Add/Edit Codeset

Gift Card Template:

  • Grid View of Templates
  • Add Template option
  • Edit Template


  • Gift Card Product Type
  • Gift Card Category
  • Preview

Now, the merchant needs to save the changes, and the “Save Configuration” button is available at the bottom.


MageAnts have thoroughly scrutinized how Magento owners are getting benefits by selling gift cards during the holiday season and other various occasions like a festival. In this digital era, a gift card is one of the flexible options and a win-win situation for everyone for modern gifting.

So if you are a Magento Store Admin who is selling the products that support gift card options then MageAnts Magento 2 Gift Certificate is the best choice, and we have an excellent team with certified Magento developers to help you with anything related to Magento 2 Extensions or Development.


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