Things To Consider When Picking The Design For Luxury Pools


When you think about luxury pools, it’s usually inground pools that come to mind. The most obvious reason for this is because you have countless design and landscaping options when it comes to in-ground pools that you don’t get with above ground pools. Simultaneously, the sheer number of design and landscaping options you get for luxury pools can make it challenging to choose a particular design and décor for your luxury pool. The best way to pick the right design and décor for your luxury pool is to pick one that meets your needs. In this article, we will tell you about what things you should consider when choosing the correct luxury pool design for your home so keep reading.

Available Land For Pool Construction

The most significant factor that affects your luxury pool design choice is the size of the available land in your yard. Keeping in mind that while it is possible to shrink or expand a particular pool design, you can’t change the dimensions of the area you have. For example, if the land available for pool construction is rectangular, you will need to go with a rectangular design to get the most space for your pool; if having a larger pool is not your priority, then you can also go for round and natural formation pools. A luxury pool is meant to match your house, so considering available land and space is a significant factor. However, if you have a large outdoor area, your luxury pool design choices shouldn’t be restricted by available size. At the same time, you still have to consider the slope and angle of the available land before picking a design for your luxury pool. If your house is located on a steep slope, you can always go for an infinity pool design with disappearing edges. Most importantly, the design you choose for your luxury pool should leave enough area around the pool for safely moving around the yard.

The Architecture Of Your Home

The great part about luxury pools is that you can customize them according to what you desire. As mentioned previously, your pool should complement your home, so customizing your pool design according to your home architecture is vital in achieving that perfect harmony. In-ground pools of Gainesville, GA and other parts of the country are designed around the architecture of the home. For example, if you have a house with vintage architecture, then a luxury pool with a modern design would not sit well with your home’s surroundings. That is where it is crucial to hire a custom pool builder such as Sandals Luxury Pools. A custom luxury pool builder will be able to assess the architectural design of your home and suggest designs that match the overall architecture of your home. You can also match the color scheme of your pool with the colors of your home’s exterior to achieve the uniformity of design between your home and pool.

Purpose Of Building Your Luxury Pool

Often the most overlooked factor when picking the design for luxury pools is the purpose for building the luxury pool. There are plenty of different reasons why people go for luxury pools. For example, you might be constructing a luxury pool for your family, for parties, for swimming/exercising, or for entertaining your business/work colleagues. For families and kids playtime, larger pools with plenty of play features such as slides, waterfalls both natural and sheer descent waterfalls for pools and fountains are ideal. On the other hand, for avid swimmers, narrow yet longer pool designs do well since most of the swimming practice requires straight-line swimming. Suppose you want to entertain party guests, in that case, you would need a lot more room around the pool to sit and relax. You can even go for pool designs with lounging areas in the middle of the pool to maximize lounging space for a party-oriented luxury pool.


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