Lost Bob Marley Tapes From the 1970s Discovered From Water Damage


Lost Bob Marley Tapes From the 1970s Discovered From Water Damage

From the basement of the rundown Kansai Rise hotel in north London, an incredible discovery was made. A collection of recordings from the Jamaican singer Bob Marley has been found. The collection got lost following water damage from over 4 decades and has just recently been discovered. It is said that the renowned musician, Bob Marley and Wailers had lodged in the hotel during their 1970s tour in Europe, so it was not surprising how the recordings turned up there.

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The collection, lost masters, was received from one of Bob Marley’s fans, Joe Gatt, a London businessman, who said a friend gave them to him after he found them while doing refuse clearance in the building. The tapes contain live recordings done by Bob Marley from 1974 to 1978 at concerts held in Paris and London

A unique thing about the shows was that they were recorded live on a vehicle that was popular in all of the United Kingdom as at the time of the concert; a mobile studio. It was loaned to Marley by the English rock band, Rolling stone.

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Some amount of repairs had to be done to bring the tapes back to excellent condition. A collection containing famous songs from Bob like Exodus, No Woman No Cry, I shot the sheriff, and Jammin is a treasure that must not be discarded. After more than a year of its discovery, 10 in 13 analog tapes were restored, but that was not without audio techniques with an expenditure of £25,000 which is estimated at $31,215. Those ten were restored, but the remaining 3 didn’t have the same fate, as two returned empty, and the last one could not be repaired as a result of the level of damage on it.

The damaged tapes needed the skills of a professional, so after Gatt received them from his friend, he handed them over to Louis Hoover who was is a jazz musician. Hoover handed the tapes to Martin Nichols, a sound technician who carefully worked on the tapes. Because of the incident that had caused the damage, Nichols needed to have a lot of work done on the recordings before they could function properly again. According to him, he spent a lot of time doing this, and carefully taking it one inch at a time he had thoroughly cleaned all the goo off the tapes. Spending lots of hours on the task, he was able to prepare the tapes for a “baking,” which is a process carried out so that the tapes can be played without problems.

Indeed a lot of work, but not too much to be sacrificed for such a treasure. This thought was evident in the words of Hoover, who said that listening to the tapes filled them with joy, gave them Goosebumps, and sent shivers up their spines. Such a reward for the effort put in to restore the tapes. He had compared the experience to finding in an old room; Van Gogh’s paint pallet, his paint and easel, and having 26 of Vincent’s most exceptional masterpiece painted personally by him just for them. As expected, it was indeed a rare gem, and it was all because of their efforts to get the tapes back to excellent condition. Though the recording is a masterpiece, it is still uncertain if it will be sold due to the situation surrounding it.

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