Livestream Video Games- Survivor of the Apocalypse


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“The year is 2020.”

“A pandemic has hit the world; the virus has now reached every continent of the world except Antarctica. Scientists are trying their best, but there is still no sign of an effective vaccine. “

“People no longer shake hands or hug each other. Some are even afraid to come out of their houses. Distance has taken over the social life of humanity.”

Doesn’t that sound completely like an opening of a zombie apocalypse game, where a mysterious voice explains how the world is at the brink of complete destruction?

Fortunately, the world is not going to end yet. But the pandemic is very real, that’s no joke, and the only silver lining in these hard times is the existence of livestream video games. With social distancing and self-isolation being the new normal, more and more people are turning to video games and live streaming. It’s a dramatic turn of events, but nobody really expected that video games would one day save lives.

Here’s what’s going on in the gaming world, while the world is battling covid19:

Increasing numbers

As soon as covid19 struck the world and countries started going under lockdown, more and more people have begun choosing video games and Livestream gaming for entertainment. With good video games, one may not even realize how many hours have passed, and this came out to be handy during these boring lockdowns.

Not just common people, but even celebrities, travellers, and sports stars have become avid live stream gamers, while all their events stay delayed due to the virus conditions. The viewership has also received a great boost as more and more people are joining these streams to watch the exciting games and their favourite celebrities live.

The Healthy Option

Undoubtedly, video game live streaming has saved lives during these covid times. By providing hours of entertainment to the people while they stay indoors, video games, and live stream platforms have helped the community to implement the self-isolation norms effectively.

Even the WHO has requested people to stay indoors and play games. Video games are great stress relievers, and it has helped many people not to panic and remain light-hearted and happy throughout the lockdown.

The Social Connection

During the current conditions, the aspect of life that people are missing the most is their social life. Those night parties, friendly gatherings, and barbecue evenings, all are being missed to the core. The isolation norms are getting into the nerves of common people and celebrities all the same. Many celebrities suffered from depression as their public life was suddenly no more. Meeting fans and attending crowded events, all of it, just gone in a moment. Watching movies or net series is also not much of a help, as people miss interacting and spending time with friends.

The live streaming of video games was the last resort to all of them. You could have fun with your gang of friends and enjoy long sessions of gaming, crack jokes and enjoy all night, all while maintaining social distancing norms. Celebrities could interact with their millions of fans again, and the fans could enjoy personal interaction with their idols while watching them play their favourite video games.

The experience is far more interesting than most expectations. So, it is safe to say that the live streaming of video games not only helped people to maintain social distancing but also helped people to keep their mental state in good condition.

Riding the Tides
It is no surprise that the business in video game live streaming has improved leaps and bounds. Still, at its initial stages, the content of video streaming was only gradually gaining popularity. But the pandemic situation has put the spotlight entirely on this side of the stage.

With more and more people and even celebrities joining the live-streaming platforms, the viewership has gone up by millions over the past few months. Lady Gaga, Kumail Nanjiani, Snoop Dogg, Terry Crews, Karl-Anthony Towns, and numerous actors and sports stars have started enjoying playing games on the live stream.

The Future Looks Bright

The popularity of video game streaming is not solely the result of the pandemic, though. Video game streaming was already gaining popularity over the past few years as more and more people were becoming aware that this is actually a fun activity. Even before the pandemic, many streamers were earning a lot of money through their live stream content.

However, the pandemic has suddenly made the entire world aware of live video game sessions; and according to many experts, the viewership that has increased due to the pandemic is expected to stay, and only rise further in the future even after the pandemic is over completely.

It is estimated that over the next five years, the video game streaming industry may expand and reach its highest peak of development. Further development in the fields of virtual reality gaming and 3d gaming, is expected to bring a revolutionary rise in video gaming viewership.

How Can You Start?

It is very easy to start live streaming of your gaming sessions; you need basic gaming equipment such as a smartphone, gaming console, or a computer that supports the games that you desire to play; you’ll need a webcam, microphone, and headphones so that the audio and video can be recorded in good quality. The next step is to join any of the popular live-streaming platforms; you can join one or multiple platforms as you wish. If you are confused over which platform to choose, we suggest you to Download GameSee App; it’s a trusted platform for live streaming video games and esports. To stream mobile games, you would need a streaming app that allows you to live-stream your gaming sessions on your smartphone.


Starting the live streaming of video games is a lot easier than any other type of content creation. You don’t have to spend days, generating new ideas, shooting, and editing videos; all you need to do is play your game and interact with your viewers.

The future of livestream video games was looking very promising, but after the pandemic, the future seems to shine brighter than ever.

So, whether to have fun or to make a career out of video gaming, no matter what your plan is if you are willing to start live streaming gaming sessions, the best time for it has already arrived.

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