List of Excellent Ideas for Your Very Own Garden Summer House


Don’t you wish you had a special garden retreat where you can relax in peace and solitude, even for just a few hours (even minutes!) each day? The garden summerhouse fits this exact purpose, and it can be your unique enclave to help you get away from it all every time you need a break. Garden summer houses now come in all shapes and sizes and with different design elements to boot, and they can serve as both a place for relaxation and a place where you can work. But if you want to get truly inspired by your summer house, here’s a list of excellent ideas for your very own perfect garden retreat.

  • Create a shaded porch and lounging spot

Your garden summer house can already be the ideal place where you can view your garden, but if you want a bit of shade whilst enjoying your flora and fauna, you can create a shaded porch within your summer house that can also serve as a lounging area. A good, expansive bench can do wonders as a seat, and you can have it double as an excellent daybed by adding cushions. If you want your summer house to exude a more calming appeal, paint the walls in neutral colours, like white or beige. 

  • Make a footpath 

Garden summer houses are often one of the main attractions in any garden, serving as an excellent focal point. But you can make it even more attractive and attention-grabbing by making a footpath that leads towards the door. You can use smooth paving stones or bricks, depending on your garden’s theme, and you can add unique elements like a deck chair, framed pictures of coastlines, and a potted palm tree or two to create that fantastic beach vibe.

  • Design your home office 

More people are working from home nowadays, and if you are no different, you can design your home office in your summer house and make it an inspirational area where you can get to work and be productive. One idea is to place your work desk beside the window or near the door, so you can open it to get some fresh air whilst working. You can also choose white furnishings for a more relaxing and peaceful ambiance, and paint the walls a neutral white or grey colour, too. 

  • Set it up in the best location

Your garden summer house need not be at the centre of your garden – in fact, placing it in the middle may end up visually ‘breaking up’ space and making your garden look smaller. One alternative is to put it at the bottom of your garden or in a hidden or secret spot surrounded by plants and trees. This way, you can have a peaceful retreat away from prying eyes, and you can enjoy your time and be more productive and creative. 

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  • Create a dining deck

Most summer houses can serve as an extension of your living space, and there’s no better way for it to serve as an extension than by creating a dining deck where you can share a meal with your family and friends. With a dining deck, you have the ideal spot for summer luncheons. Just make use of foldable chairs and a foldable table so you can easily take it inside if it starts raining! 


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