How do you get a license to operate a shooting range?

How do you get a license to operate a shooting range

Shooting is a common sport but a risky one. The essence of the competition makes health a prime requirement. It is not only risky to shoot at a location other than a range but also against the rules. Special areas are designed for this sport with specific technological and health provisions, called firing ranges. In India, when dealing with weapons, one requires a license. Also opening a firing range where such weapons are used requires a license. This article deals with how to get such a warrant.

Types of shooting ranges

Indoor shooting range

In modern times, an enclosed range with indoor shooting ranges within becomes more common. Development and lack of open fields in an urban environment gave way to numerous firing ranges. These ranges incorporate sound absorption technologies along with reinforced walls and numerous locations where shooting is necessary. These ranges have to be properly ventilated to prevent people from coughing because of lead inside the premises. Such ranges are not ideal for firing long distances from your long range air rifle. The need for outdoor ranges is also acknowledged.

Outdoor shooting range

These ranges are usually situated in a valley or an open area far from the region. Outdoor coverage requires much more space than indoor range. Outdoor defense and technological specifications vary from those for indoor ranges. Behind the goal line a protective wall has to be built so that the missed shots and other skewed shots reach the wall. Lead and noise pollution is still present which exposes people to health hazards.

Licence for shooting ranges

Arms Regulations, 2016 according to Arms Act, 1959 addresses the provision of having a license to operate a firing range under Rule 38. Rules of Arms 2016, replacing Rules of Arms 1962. The State released the latest Weapons Laws, 2016, through a notice in July 2016. Whereas in 1962, the regulations did not mention the license provision for maintaining a shooting range, it was made a prerequisite in 2016.

A license is required to start a shooting range, in compliance with Rule 38. Application for such a certificate, as set by the central government in place, requires technological and safety requirements. Through a general or particular notice the central government will set the requirements. The exception to this would be indoor ranges up to ten meters used for target practice for air guns and air cannons.

Requirements for a shooting range owner:

  • It must comply with health and technical requirements.
  • Such contractual obligation is to meet all demands for accident or harm involving compensation from third parties, including compulsory loan loans including bond provisions. The exception to this would be armed, regulated and operated ranges by Municipal Ized Police Forces, and State Police Departments. As per their internal rules, certain ranges cover their own threats.
  • The firing range is to carry either the number of guns allowed in the license or the number specified by central government.
  • The shooting range is also to have a well run warehouse. Such an inventory is to document ammunitions that the collection and licensed representatives of that range obtained for use.


  • The associated ranges include the Indian Sports Authority, the Indian National Rifle Association, the State Sports Authority and the State Rifle Association. Thus, in order to ensure strict adherence to the safety standards and criteria specified for shooting ranges, these bodies shall inspect their related ranges at regular intervals.
  • The license authority shall, at regular intervals, review the ranges under its jurisdiction to ensure conformity to the technological and safety standards applicable to that range.

Rule 38 also stipulates that practical experience in the proper handling and control of weapons can only be performed in a field with a license under the form V of rule.


Accordingly, a license may be obtained by following the required requirements. The range should be stable, and conditions should be met. In today’s world, authorizing a place where shooting may be achieved as a sport has become a must. Keeping in mind the lawful use of firearms, such a license was adopted in 2016 for recreational and sports purposes.


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