LEATHER DESIGNING COURSE: A New field of Designing


The most rapidly growing fields within the field of Fashion Designing is Leather Designing. It is a new career field different from fashion designing. Numerous needs of the leather industry in the form of goods or apparel comes under leather designing. More qualified designers are required in this field due to the enormous demand for Indian leather worldwide. A wide range of leather products is available including footwear, belts, upholstery, bags, etc. In order to meet international standards, trained designers are the need for the leather industry. Accessories enhance an individual’s fashion sense. One must put their skills and passion together in order to escalate the career progress and also to be a major driving force in the fashion industry.

About the Leather Design Course :

​Courses in Leather Goods and Accessories Designing with a specialization is helping students in the creative world to stand out with the growing demand for leather items globally. A leather design course is exclusively all about footwear and accessories. Its main focus is on industrial requirements relating to integrated design perspectives. The young designing students receive A lot of knowledge is provided regarding industrial tools, design fundamentals, etc. to the students.

The learnings at the leather design course require a very dynamic and challenging environment because this field is all about exploring the creative interface between the materials and the making of the final product. The breadth of soft materials through the context of ‘body’ and space are collectively expressed as a result of the efforts in this course. The body involves the designing and construction of the fashion apparel and accessories, whereas the space mentioned above is incorporating the design for the built environment, furnishings for the home, interiors of the workplace, textile furniture, and other accessories.

Job and other careers opportunities in this field :

The leather design course offers footwear, leather clothing, and lifestyle accessories opportunities. A wide range of occupations including outerwear, footwear, lifestyle, and fashion, as well as areas of design, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, and retailing are available for students. The designing course for leather goods imparts comprehensive knowledge about leather raw materials, processing, product care, industrial training, and tours as well as other aspects of the luxury goods industry such as fashion forecast, brand awareness, traditional and modern practices of leather designing.

You can find various job opportunities as designers, technical and style designers, product and brand managers, visual merchandisers, and entrepreneurs. Putting up your own unit after sufficient experience would be a great option. Career growth is completely dependent on the performance of the individual and the sky is the limit.

Other key points about the course :

Some key points while considering a leather design course:

  • Students opting for the Leather Designing Bachelor’s degree should clear Class 10+2 examination from a recognized state or national board of education.
  • The curriculum provided to the students pursuing this course helps them in designing and manufacturing different products. They also get practical exposure which plays a significant role in increasing their scope in the competitive market. Hence, taking up a leather design course is very beneficial; the student can get a job in the fashion industry or a craft industry, work with retail companies and they even have an option open of starting their own business.
  • Students eligible for pursuing leather design course must possess the following skills and qualities –
  1. Designing skills
  2. Good numerical skills
  3. Ample knowledge of computer-aided designing software
  4. Strong planning ability
  5. Problem-solving ability
  • A leather design graduate student is offered around Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum as an average annual salary.

The leather design course comes under the Soft Material Design course which focuses on the human resource requirements of the leather designing industry and the main aim is to emphasize integrating the designing concepts with the leat5her material knowledge. Most of our modern accessories include leather and a career in the same has not just become a glamorous one but also a lucrative one. One must be aware of the various conditions prevailing in the working environment like smelly tanneries or leather processing before making it a career option. You must give a good thought before choosing this field as it might just be challenging for you.


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