Learn, Unlearn and Relearn – Vital to Logistics Excellence


An Exclusive interview with the directors of Teamglobal Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Nityam Khosla and Mr. Vivek Kele, who’ve been the pioneers of consolidation in India and feature years of enjoy within the logistics enterprise. Both Mr. Nityam and Mr. Vivek are recognised the world over for his or her domain know-how and business acumen. Teamglobal is a logistics organisation having pan India presence and a robust international community, supplying logistics answers in numerous segments of the sector.

Q. How and whilst became your business enterprise started? How has the adventure so far been?

Nityam: The Company changed into fashioned in the yr 2005 with an aim to provide nice service in diverse segments of Logistics. The adventure to this point has been very interesting, challenging and profitable.

Q. Teamglobal is identified as a pacesetter in LCL consolidation, are you focusing on specialization in this specific aspect? How do you intend to position yourself inside the market?

Vivek: It is flattering while someone says that we’re the leaders in LCL consolidation market, but we feel that there may be an extended manner to move on this section of logistics. There is lot that may be executed in phrases of growing linkages within the infrastructure nationally and across the world and make the LCL shipment handling more seamless. We will maintain to recognition on this segment and position our self as a primary desire LCL service for our customers.

Q. The logistics marketplace is crowded with gamers of all sizes offering cut-throat competition, how have you ever controlled those challenges? What differentiates you from the relaxation of the competition?

Nityam: In the Indian context charge is one of the essential riding factors when it comes to shopping for of a product or a provider. We have tried very hard to keep our services very competitive and simultaneously centered on improving the quality of our offerings to make them greater reliable and reliable, so that our patron continue to apply us for being competitive in costs and consistent in services. Our endeavor is to continuously learn and adapt, which means the focus stays on consistent and non-stop unlearning, learning & relearning. This effects in improving patron revel in through introduction of price. Check this cn logistics

Vivek: Finding the most efficient and powerful way to analyze and broaden patron intelligence is a critical part of our client care initiative. We keep in mind that offering excellent carrier through increasing operational efficiency has an instantaneous correlation to the fee we can provide to our customers. Our clients depend upon us to offer the highest high-quality and we’re thrilled that, we have been able to fulfill them to a huge quantity. We trust we can deliver a great aggressive advantage to our customers with our unique and focused answers.

Q. What developments are you seeing with regard to the logistics area and its strategic importance? How has it evolved over the last decade?

Nityam: The trend in logistic sector has been to outsource, more and more agencies are that specialize in production and sales that is their center competence. In truth the large transnational companies are actually concentrating only on product improvement, high-quality manage and advertising, all different sports like manufacturing, warehousing and distribution are being outsourced.

Vivek: We see excellent opportunities for increase for the freight forwarding corporations, the opportunities are to be had for logistics agencies to explore and execute. Moreover we’ve got visible extensive shift in business policy from marketplace share concept to purchaser pride and retention idea.

Q. Logistics sector is but to be conferred enterprise status; do you believe you studied this can show up by this finances or close to future? What kind of impact on the inflow of investments do you understand it’s going to result in?

Nityam: Not having an enterprise status for Logistics is a main predicament its increase in India, we still do no longer appear to be giving deserved significance to Logistics. Efficient logistic gadget without a doubt cuts down price of attaining the products from the factor of manufacturing to the point of sale. It is to be referred to that in line with kg in keeping with km transport price in India are one of the maximum inside the world. The Indian retail groups are still no longer giving due significance to logistics; it has been broadly perceived that retail region may be allowed foreign investment on this finances, so one can cause lot of foreign groups coming in who in turn will require professional logistic provider issuer.

Vivek: The foreign investment will come in, however a good way to be in phrases of device production, we’ve already seen big truck producers like Man, Leyland and Volvo putting in manufacturing facility in India, we will see extra cargo handling and container handling equipment agencies putting in place manufacturing in India, The foreign investment in railways remains eluding us because the rail agencies still find the track fees to be paid to Indian railways very high, further the warehousing may even now not see an excessive amount of foreign investment due to very cumbersome land acquisition method in India.

Q. There is a dearth of pleasant manpower inside the logistics quarter, how does your business enterprise address this hassle? What kind of projects have you ever undertaken to deal with the problem?

Nityam: There is a massive deliver gap in untrained manpower within the logistics quarter ensuing in excessive level of inefficiencies. Because of the ability deficiency amongst operational workforce, supervisors and bosses the logistics area is locating it tough to shrug off the inefficiencies. The evolving business surroundings is developing a robust call for for best and green logistics services, and with logistics being a carrier orientated region, skilled manpower emerges as a key functionality. At Teamglobal, Use of generation, continuous schooling of manpower and constant display of Key Performance Indicators is how we were addressing the problem.

Q. Logistics involves numerous sports that require sizable co-ordination and interaction. There are nonetheless activities which have now not been automatic; what are the demanding situations faced through you in these regions and the way do you cope with it?

Vivek: We have EDI linkages with all our overseas agents, we are already submitting our take place to customs in electronic layout and are geared up for Ice gate 1.Five, we’ve a complete e trade module on our website and all our essential strategies all web enabled, we are now running very intently with Soft link to make it possible for the users of tender hyperlink to publish their Shipping Instructions to us thru their system with the intention to keep away from more than one data access.

Q. How essential is statistics technology vis-à-vis logistics?

Nityam: It could be very critical as with IT we are able to supply visibility, we usually say that the reputation of the shipment to a consumer is like the whereabouts of a child to the mom; we can effectively deliver the visibility and luxury to the patron through use of IT. IT additionally reduce down wastage within the method and makes the transaction quicker.

Q. What are the demanding situations confronted by the logistics quarter and how can businesses address them? How do you see the state of affairs five years therefore?

Vivek: The demanding situations confronted by using the Indian Logistic businesses is the retaining with the tempo with the adjustments within the enterprise, with globalizations the customers are expecting global popular offerings to be to be had to them in India, so the Indian Logistics agencies must fast undertake to worldwide requirements to cater to the changing commercial enterprise necessities.


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